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Problem with editing?

Asked by coolblue (55points) February 19th, 2011

my question has been put for editing. I edited it so when it’ll be available?

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Hi cooblue. If you have a question about the editing process, the better option is to use the “Contact” button to ask the moderation team directly. But for the sake of the newer users, I’ll let you know that the moderation staff is volunteer, and does not have set shifts. We all have families, jobs, hobbies, and responsibilities, so sometimes it takes a little while to get back to your question. Of course, reading the guidelines, and then carefully examining your questions for spelling errors, lack of capitalization, and grammar errors will help avoid the editing process altogether.

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@syz : thanks for the reply but this editing thing is BAD!!!

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It is usually back up within an hour or two, sometimes 15 minutes during the day.

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What do you mean, bad? Are you saying that the need to correct your question is bad? We like Fluther to look smart and spiffy, and this attention to detail helps set us apart from other Q&A sites. If you can’t take a moment to make sure that your question is the best it can be, why would users bother to spend their time and effort to give you the best possible answer?

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Aw come on @coolblue. Suck it up and spell correctly and use proper grammer. We will appreciate you more when you do.

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“spell correctly and use proper grammer”

er, grammar :>)

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@crisw Ha! Thank you. I didn’t have spell check on.

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@chyna LOL. Been there, done that. I feel for you. It doesn’t get much worse than misspelling grammar. I know, because I’ve done it a few times. :-)

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