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What is the difference between montage and supercut?

Asked by yaujj48 (369points) 1 month ago

From what I gathered, montage and supercut are similar as both of them uses separate scenes to combine into one video. But it doesn’t seem to detail the difference between the two concepts. The only difference I seem to find that supercut uses from many sources but it is not a definitive answer.

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According to Wiki A supercut is a genre of video editing consisting of a montage of short clips with the same theme. The theme may be an action, a scene, a word or phrase, an object, a gesture, or a cliché or trope. The technique has its roots in film and television and is related to vidding. The montage obsessively isolates a single element from its source or sources.[ It is sometimes used to create a satirical or comic effect or to collapse a long and complex narrative into a brief summary.

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Distinction among montages and supercut?
Above are practically the same,Montage shows a great deal of things occurring at once,that is to help everybody to remember progressing occasions.
Supercut is similar to a Montage,but it joins cuts from a lot of various motion pictures (or Television programs) that are all related.Supercuts frequently bring up prosaisms or peculiarities in films and put those banalities and peculiarities together in fast moving, disconnected ponders.

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The way I would use the terms is that a supercut is a collection of related images/clips that are related, but aren’t trying to tell a particular story. A montage is a set of clips meant to convey the passage of time and progression of work so that something that would take a long time in life can be handled in mere seconds or minutes. You show the work being done and time being expended without boring the audience. That story purpose is the difference.

So I might make a supercut of movie boat building moments…but I’m not telling a larger story about a specific group of people building a specific boat that serves my story. BUT, if I’m putting together a set of clips of my characters building the frame, then putting the hull planks in place, and raising the mast, and painting it, and so on…and then the characters go on to use/benefit from that experience within the story…that’s a montage.

To me.

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