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Do you fancy a game?

Asked by Ladymia69 (6881points) February 20th, 2011

Good evening, folks! I found this thread from a while back, and thought it looked like fun. I can’t sleep, and face it, you can’t either. So if you feel so inclined, do play this “Backwards Story” game with me. Thank you kindly.

This will be a backwards story. Once we get this started, you will not respond to the post preceding yours. Instead you will preemptively respond, so that the thread only makes sense if you start at the bottom and read up. Think carefully before you post, and make sure you know you are doing it right: if you see “The sun Is shining”, your answer will be “What’s the weather like?”, not “It is shining here, too.” I will start it off with an example, and the first poster will respond to my second sentence:

By the way, the user that posted this game – DOH! – no longer exists!

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LOL…I can see how you arrived at that conclusion.

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So never again were they allowed to set foot inside the illustrious “Club Filet Mignon”.

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On their way out, they looked back at the rubble that had once been the exclusive hang out of the city’s largest crime syndicate. “Shee-it,” she said, “it’s a good thing we’re getting the hell out of dodge.”

“They wouldn’t come after us,” he replied. “We got connections, remember?”

The two limped out, bloodied and bruised, but alive.

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Wow, that took a quick turn for the worst! :)

Carmen felt something cold on her shoulder, but quickly realized that it was only Dante’s hand leading her through the darkened room.

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The lavender octopus danced in front of her. Beckoning her to swim into the light – but Carmen wasn’t ready to leave this earth. “Someone loves me” she thought as she awoke with a start – choking on the putrid air that engulfed the recently-hip nightspot.

The smell of steak and sulphur burned her nose as she wobbled to her feet. Unsteady,

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“Something’s fishy here,” Carmen thought as she staggered toward the door of Girl Scout Headquarters. The room became blurry and began to spin and, worse yet, she realized that her panties, twisted around her ankles, were hindering her progress. She began to sink into a cloudy oblivion thinking “the bitch slipped me a….”

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Man, did dpworkin set up another account or something?

He always had good answers.

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Carmen noticed that the air in the room seemed to thicken. She was beginning to get a bad feeling about it. It was as if the ghosts of fluther past were pressing through the ether, trying to get back at jellies present. She thought to herself, “Man, did dpworkin set up another account or something?”

I believe that as a story continuity check, everyone should put the first line of the prior post as the end of their post.

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