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What is the longest you have went without bathing and why?

Asked by buster (10244points) April 15th, 2008

the long as ive neglected to bath was prolly a week. i didnt have a girlfriend at the time and lived with a bunch of dirty skaters. when i lived in portland oregon it seemed like some people thought it was cool to not bathe. this crustpunk kid i knew said he hadnt taken one in 86 days and i believed him. only time i would hangout with him was if it was outside.

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5 days at a music festival – because the queues were too long and and ran past a beer tent….

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Three days, because I was trapped in an elevator.

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Three days. I was camping at a beach in Baja. I did surf those three days so I don’t know if swimming in the sea counts as taking a bath.

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4 days, i was in too much stress for my project…

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Like a whole week long camping trip. But it was on a river, however the river was dirty, so we weren’t very clean…

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1 week. Feild conditions in Iraq.

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prob 2 days. I couldn’t stand the oil in my hair after that point!

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I think it was somewhere in the hood of 10 days. Gotta love the field and the U.S. Army.

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ya chop, I smelt like a dirty llama fetus.

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haha um three days. I was a little girl and didnt like to take a bath.

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No doubt my brother, after the day sweats and night chills and occasional drip on the drawers, I was as ripe as a sour grape. Not to mention my breathe and the amount of dirt I had in my ears and corners of my eyes and nose.

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Ummmm good old Iraqi Dirt in the eye. yum, i can still feel it in the back of my teeth.

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@shockvalue – woah, 3 days stuck in an elevator? How did that happen?

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uGg… power outage during a storm while I was visiting relatives in Iowa. My dad was with me at the time. But I’m not sure if that makes the situation better or worse ;) Fortunately, I happened to have a backpack with a lunch and a bunch of food inside. But it was NOT something I would care to repeat.

FUN FACT: Elevators don’t have bathrooms.

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Who said we couldn’t talk dirty on Fluther? ha ha!!!

@shockvalue that must have been a horrible experience for you. Do you avoid elevators now?

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Like ebola. and I was never one for tight spaces to begin with!

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oh wow, sounds like me and clingy girlfriends….

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I won’t use escalators becasue I fell off of one. They make me extremely nervous.

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Fell off?! As in you tripped while getting/off, or you actually fell off the damn thing?

I’m imagining you in a macy’s being hurtled from an escalator going 20 miles per hour as “girl from ipanema” plays softly in the background.

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hmm…..that could be a good movie….

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Yep!! I wasn’t paying attention and I stepped on “the crack” while getting on. I tumbled all the way down. Ha ha, now I have that song in my head!

As she falls she goes… ahhh!! Ha ha!!
shockvalue, I love your sense of humor.

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