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U-Haul/moving trucks and "damage insurance"?

Asked by ette_ (1360points) February 24th, 2011

I have to rent a moving truck this weekend just for 1 trip (to basically move stuff from one storage unit (spare garage) to another (mom’s house). I reserved one online and got to the part about paying $15 for damage insurance and it’s freaking me out. I generally never purchase these things but when it popped up it made me stress, because I’ve never rented a moving truck before.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated!

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Call your insurance company first to see if they have any coverage for such things.

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Also, check with your credit card company. There’s no sense in buying additional coverage if you’ve already got it.

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I always, always buy the supplemental insurance on a rental truck. I don’t do it on a rental car, but I’m simply not used to driving a truck. The added up-front cost, to me, is totally worth it compared to what I would owe if I accidentally backed into a building, etc.

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Last time I checked w/ Visa, their insurance did not cover trucks.

Be careful w/ UHaul. They have a really bad reputation in general. You can find UHaul’s CEO’s cell phone number here in case you have a problem:

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Thanks everyone. I haven’t quite figured out what to do yet although the particular U-Haul place I’m renting from has some decent reviews. I will get damage insurance just to cover my bases.

I’m leaning towards getting a trailer instead of a truck because I don’t need a truck, but does anyone know if they can install a hitch on a car? I have no idea how these things work.

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@ette_ It depends on the vehicle. If you don’t already have a toe hitch on your vehicle, you’d have to get one installed (which Uhaul doesn’t do).

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Most insurance policies and credit card companies will cover a car but do NOT cover rental trucks. U-Haul has 4 options on most trucks.

1. No insurance, you will have to pay for any damage done

2. Good, covers anything that happens to the truck only

3. Better. covers the truck and the cargo you are carrying

4. Best. covers the truck, cargo and medical coverage for people in the truck and any other vehicle involved in the accident, and lawsuit protection (in case the other driver sues you) up to $1 million.

A U-Haul center (owned by U-Haul) can install a hitch, if you are renting from a dealer, ask them who they use for hitch installs.

P.S. I am a U-Haul dealer

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Don’t ask us, call your insurance agent. I recently checked on this myself, but my information is personal/state specific. Answers would very by state even with the same insurance company. I will say that if you do not have comprehensive insurance coverage on your car, I would certainly take that out on the rental (you might have to anyway, I don’t know).

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