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What would you pick, if you were told you were going to have to eat the same thing at every meal for the rest of your life?

Asked by stoker (82points) February 25th, 2011

Looking for answers like “potroast”, rather than “buffet”.

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If I really had to eat it at every meal, I’d probably go with my mom’s chicken parm, my mom’s cabbage rolls, and mashed potatoes with mashed carrots/turnip. I think I could survive pretty well on that, and it’d probably take a long time for me to get sick of it.

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Chicken salad….If I have to eat it everyday, It might as well be healthy…

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Venison adobo with coconut milk and hot peppers in the broth.

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Quiche. A different variety each day – bacon and egg, cheese and asparagus, cheese and onion, mixed peppers etc etc

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Cheeseburgers. No question about it.

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My homemade chicken, beef, or pork enchiladas with Spanish rice, and chicken avocado salad.

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Giant salad with at least 30 ingredients including nuts, dried fruits, seeds, grains and the usual salad stuff.

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Tacos, pizza, salad, lasagna, chicken cordon bleu, or something with a lot of cheese.

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GA @gailcalled

Of course I would add to that the usuial chief salid ingredients like ham, roast chicken, eggs, etc….

Oh, and a couple of different types of dressing on the side.

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Fish tacos.

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It’d be a short life, but I’d have to go with a bacon cheddar cheeseburger with the fixins and French fries. I really could eat that happily every day.

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Probably the mighty spud if I was limited to only one food. There are just so many different things you can do with a potato. If it was limited to one meal, I’d say hot fried chicken and cold potato salad. Oh, and some Mississippi Mudcake to follow!

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Pizza. Pizza makes everything okay. My grandmother taught me so.

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Some of you should include a dose of fiber or Metamucil, given your choice of protein, fat, sugar, starch and salt.

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Fliet mignon wrapped in bacon, twice baked baked potatoes, green beans, and a side salad with ranch dressing. It would have to include a hot fudge brownie sundae as well. :)

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@wundayatta Like the snow cone?

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@gailcalled If I have to eat the same thing for every meal for the rest of my life, I’m not interested in eating healthy and prolonging my life, even if what I’m eating is something I love.

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@MacBean: I am not talking about prolonging your life. Consider a premature and painful death from constipation.

(Snowing on your side of the river?)

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@gailcalled I’ll have my food made with whole wheat.

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Fucking milanesa napolitana all day long.

I don’t know how you guys out there can live whitout milanesa. Really.

And for the sake of understanding, here it’s the wiki about milanesa:

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Garlic pepper tofu with brown rice and broccoli.

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Pizza. I hope I could have different toppings though.

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So milanesa is just breaded meat? I do that all the time – pound chicken breasts or pork until it’s super flat, then bread & fry. Easy and delicious. I had no idea there was a name for it.

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Either a bean a cheese burrito or cheese pizza. Those things are like staples to me anyway.

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@Seelix Well, you just found it out! Yes, it’s pretty easy and super delicious. You should try the napolitana variant some time. Extra flavour! ^^

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I’d have to go with a Mexican meal, a beef, bean and cheese enchilada with rice and tomatoes and lettuce, Pacifica before, coffee after.

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I really enjoy sushi, that said @wundayatta has a fair point. After a while, I’d start ordering Fugu rolls (I know it’s usually served as sashimi).

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hmmm, different flavoured cheesecake… YUM!

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Chinese Chicken Salad.

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Even though some of these things sound really good, including my bean and cheese burrito and pizza, I can’t help but think about the likelihood of constipation (one of my phobias if you’ve read some of my other posts). So now, I’m thinking I should change my choice to something like a bran muffin.

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Something ethnic, like Pad Thai or Enchiladas. Mmm.

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@everephebe I like that idea. Eat fugu every meal. You never know if this is the time they were sloppy in it’s preparation. That ought to make it seem spicy!

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This thread is so monophagous.
Ok, ok… I just learned that word the other day, and I have no clue where & when else I’ll get to use it. :D

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