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Would you bring food into a bathroom?

Asked by wundayatta (58599points) February 9th, 2009

A bathroom in your home?
A public bathroom such as where you work?
A public bathroom in a public area?
If the food was wrapped in paper or foil?
If the food was exposed to the air?
If you were desperate, and you had thinly wrapped food with you?

Would you eat in a bathroom?

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never ever. evah evah. EVAH.

that’s just gross. i won’t even put my Starbucks on the sink @ sbux. i have the counter folks hold it.

once, saw a guy take a bag of chips into the can, and heard the bag rustle as his dropped a duece (heard that too). Never.

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No. I would not bring any type of food into any bathroom.

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I have never brought food products into any bathroom, anywhere, and I never will. Just the thought itself of eating something in a restroom makes me uncomfortable.

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Chocolate Soap? Whipped Cream…

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Ew! Ew! Ew! Never!!!

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Not in a million years. I just stopped my daughter from trying to yesterday.

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No way, never!

Just a thought ladies, have you ever set your purse on the bathroom floor, brought it home, then set it on the table or kitchen counter? Gross!

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food in the potty? I mean I have reading material but I don’t know about eating while “thinking”

My purse either goes on the hook or I have perfected the art of holding it while peeing. Don’t ask. It is a Coach bag and I fully know how much my boyfriend spent on it, it never goes on the floor not even in my apartment.

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I bring my breakfast (water, coffee, and oatmeal) into the bathroom every weekday morning. It stays away from the toilet, of course, and I eat while I’m getting ready.

Maybe I’m disgusting.

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personally i didn’t think this was too bad…given if you keep it in your hand, walk in, don’t touch anything, don’t put it down and walk out again

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At home yeah eh no different then any other room in the house in my opinion… as for public restrooms or like gas stations or a grocery store… no i have huge issues with those places mainly wheather or not i am in desperate need to use them otherwise i try and stay out of them.

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I’ll bring coffee in if I’m putting on make-up or doing my hair, but otherwise, no solids. And I wouldn’t take a meal in there. Ucky.

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Yeah, I’ve done it. I don’t eat dinner while I’m on the toilet, but it’s happened.
And when I have a hot bath I bring an iced drink. Or I get too hot. ;)

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@blondie411 We call our bathroom the library. :)

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It isn’t anymore disgusting than oral sex.

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NEVER ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@johnpowell The oral is more pleasurable though.

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mine is the reading room!! my mom i think has a collage/ painting that I made of the reading room in her bathroom.

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i bring my coffee and breakfast into the bathroom nearly every morning…i’m not brewing my coffee using toilet water.

i see little reason to be that disgusted, when there are so many things humans do that are way grosser.

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Don’t think I’ve ever eaten in the bathroom.

Just a thought though; some are saying how awful it would be to take food or drink into the bathroom, even if your just using the sink or putting on make-up, yet I assume your happy to keep you’re toothbrushes in there?

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I would not mind eating in the bathroom. If I am reading a good article and got to go, then I get my laptop and my drink and head for the meditation room / reading room. We keep our bathroom clean. I would not bring food into a public restroom though.

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Yup. Been there and done all of that. Most of you liars have to, I’ll bet.

KaNdyyKySSez's avatar

Omg Never. i hate germs and the thought of having food in the bathroom is just gross. not to mention im a housekeeper at a hotel. so i’ve seen some pretty gross things in bathrooms, on blankets, and sheets also so im cool on that.

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@AstroChuck: With ya on that one.

tehrani625's avatar

@KaNdyyKySSez Germs / Bacteria are all over our bodies just to let you know.

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Yup. I’d bring and eat anything into almost any bathroom (not the sketchy one behind the gas station though).

People don’t realize that the outside world is just as dirty, if not more so, than a bathroom is. At least a toilet gets cleaned regularly. Doorknobs have no such guarantee.

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Just the thought of eating where ya shit, kinda gross. Great example of multitasking though, if you ask me. ;)

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@dynamicduo – very true. I read an article about hotel rooms. It said that the remote controls were the filthiest things in the room because they seldom clean them.

So I never eat by remote controls either.

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My coffee, yes, every morning when I’m getting ready for work. And sometimes hot cereal. Noplace but at home, though. Well, and maybe in a hotel.

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I have been know to have a fist full of crackers when I go it.. I usually jam them all in my mouth before things get too far…

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My cat eats in the bathroom… only place to put her dish out of reach of the dog.

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Yeah? Well dogs are notorious for drinking out of toilets. Never saw one get sick, to my knowledge.

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I have
-Eaten in the Bathtub.
-Left my tea mug in the “foyer” area of the women’s room at work, but not taken it where the toilets are.

Other than that, eww.

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You guys are all a bunch of Howard Hugheses, without the money.

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Food for thought is one thing, readers.

A drink in the tub is another thing, too, @asmonet, unless you pee in the tub.

the likelihood of a bodily fluid drip drip dripping into my foodstuffs is nasty. and the cleanliness issue with hands is scary too.

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@dik2312 major lurve. i did not even think about that haha

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@daloon dogs drink out of the toliet? yeah, and they sniff ass too. and lick their own balls. if you do either, kudos. :)

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When you flush, if the lid is up, you are actually spraying bits of water, possibly containg excretia, around the room. They say you should keep your toothbrushes at least five feet from the toilet. Not to get into the whole lid thing, but my wife used that as an excuse to train me, since our sink is right next to the toilet, and the toothbrushes are all hanging around nearby.

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Bizarrely enough, I was talking about this with my friend just yesterday. And no, no I don’t – I have though, gotta try it before you knock it right?

Oh, but beer in the shower is the one definite exception.

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If you keep your toothbrush away from the spray zone of the toilet, I can’t remember how many feet it is exactly, it will be fine.

@daloon I guess you type faster than I do. ;) Your wife has a great point, that’s why I put the lid down before I flush.

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I think the spray zone is like 4 feet. Which is pretty far.

Oh yeah, the idea that bothers me isn’t really the germs, it’s the fact that you’re in the bathroom taking a shit, so you’re pushing out digested food and it always struck me as a somewhat glutinous concept to stuff food into your face while pushing the remains of your last meal out your asshole.

You’re essentially turning yourself into one of those Play-doh Kitchens.

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From here

“The worst place for your toothbrush: On the bathroom sink.

There’s nothing wrong with the sink itself—but it’s awfully chummy with the toilet. There are 3.2 million microbes per square inch in the average toilet bowl, according to germ expert Chuck Gerba, PhD, a professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona. When you flush, aerosolized toilet funk is propelled as far as 6 feet, settling on the floor, the sink, and your toothbrush. “Unless you like rinsing with toilet water, keep your toothbrush behind closed doors—in the medicine cabinet or a nearby cupboard,”

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Nobody ever did that scene with the bubble bath, the candles, and the glass of wine?

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Guys, watch the episode of Mythbusters on toilets and toothbrushes, it doesn’t matter where you put it, the best place is in the medicine cabinet.

And no I don’t pee in the tub. :D

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@asmonet just checking.. “it’s all pipes!”.

as for toothbrushes, it’s in the cabinet for me.

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I’ve had coffee in the bathroom while in a hurry, but when I eat, I like to sit down and eat. The toilet’s not all that comfortable for such purposes, and I don’t want my food to get wet, either.

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I usually bring a cup of coffee or orange juice into the bathroom with me in the morning while I do my hair or whatever. Other than that, I haven’t brought other food items into the bathroom with me.

Although, speaking of dogs in the bathroom, my dog loves to grab tissues out of the waste basket and rip them into tiny little pieces on the bathroom floor. It’s disgusting. I have to remember to keep the bathroom doors closed at all times.

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I once saw a woman at work take a hot dog in the bath room. I assume she ate it in there. It was not wrapped, it was on a plate.

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@chyna uhm. a woman…uhm. yeah.

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Personally, no, I wouldn’t.

(On a related note, see last frame:

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Thanks asmonet for bringing up that MythBusters episode. I was coming to do just that.

Guys and gals, there’s poop et al bacteria everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you keep your toothbrush – it, like everything else you own and even yourself, will get covered in millions of millions of microbes of origins you don’t even want to imagine. This is why we have soap, and take showers, and wash down kitchen surfaces after cutting meat on them, and wash our hands before using them to move food into our mouths.

Provided you don’t take a hot dog into the bathroom. forcefully rub it all around the dirty nasty areas, and then eat it, there’s no reason why eating inside a bathroom would be any less sanitary than eating in the rest of the disgusting bacteria-ridden world. Sure, there may be some micro poop floating around but there’s micro poop floating around everywhere anyways, enough to make most of the bacteria you encounter in a bathroom negligible in the grand scheme of things.

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I don’t know about anyone else but the last time I checked, I’m pretty sure I had no fecal matter in my living room, bedrooms, dining room, or kitchen. They still seem to be much better places to eat rather than my bathroom.

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I wasn’t even going to answer this question until I saw some of the other posts. I scrub our bathrooms every Saturday. The lid is ALWAYS down on the toilet. The toothbrushes are in the medicine cabinet. I’ve eaten my Cheerios, drank OJ & coffee in there thousands of times. There’s much more dirtier places to eat than in my bathroom. Altho, I’d NEVER eat in any other bathroom or restroom. I know what goes on in my house.

@eponymoushipster, just what body fluids are you dripping? Hmm? LOLL

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@Bluefreedom – just cause you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. If you’ve ever worn shoes inside your house, or didn’t wash your hands after going to the bathroom (or touching a knob that someone who didn’t wash also touched), you have fecal bacteria in your house, guaranteed. Even if you haven’t explicitly walked around with boots on, you likely still have poop around unless you steam clean your carpets and all your belongings every month. This isn’t an insult on your level of cleanliness. It’s simply how bacteria work.

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@dynamicduo. That could be true but I am quite cautious about cleanliness in the house. All shoes come off after entering the front door and everyone washes hands in my house or they’re evicted from the premises. The latter part is a little facetious (maybe) but I do understand how dirty an environment can be, like you said. Isn’t cleanliness next to Godliness or something like that? :o)

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@jbfletcherfan depends on what i’ve eaten, i suppose.

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@eponymoushipster just keep the doggie books out of there!! Food’s find…no books!

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@Bluefreedom – Wouldn’t know. I’m not a fan of God.

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Drinks, yes. Food, no. Ick.

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I’ve brought drinks into my bathroom plenty of times. Food I’ve done a few times, when I’m in a hurry and trying to get ready before I leave.

As someone else already pointed out, it’s no different than keeping a toothbrush in the bathroom. I won’t flush the toilet if there’s a drink or food in there, but I don’t see the big deal. It’s just one of those things that people kind of freak out about without really thinking about it.

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@dynamicduo: so we’re cool to leave the toothbrushes out?

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Happily, I have one of those bathrooms that has the toilet in it’s own tiny little room with a door. But generally, no, I don’t eat in the bathroom. I also don’t read, sing, talk on the phone, or any number of other things that some people do in bathrooms.

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@syz yeah, talking on the telephone whilst on the pot is quite nasty. #1 or #2.

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I have one of those little wooden devices that will span the tub and act as a holder for various things. I have brought an english muffin, a glass of wine, and a book in the tub with me. In a public restroom I’d maybe bring things in but I’d finish them before I went into the booth. I wouldn’t place anything on a surface that would later go into my mouth, though.

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At home I will bring a cold drink in to consume while I take a leisurely bath, but I don’t eat in the tub (hate the crumbs in the tub water). I also don’t eat or drink while using the toilet, primarily because the thought of refueling at the same time as off-loading the byproducts bothers me.

However, I never take food of any sort into a public bathroom whether at my old workplace or just any public facility. Who knows what has gone on in there!

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I wouldn’t.
Where I work though, we put out a tray of donuts each morning for waiting area guests and several times I have watched men walk into the bathroom with a donut in hand and come out of the bathroom, still munching on the donut. I keep my eyes open but have yet to catch a woman or child do it.

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@VzzBzz: do you work at a car dealership? just askin’

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@daloon: Yes I do, I’ve written about it here and there.

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@VzzBzz Well, I don’t recall seeing that before, but I’m kind of glad the guess was right. That was the only place I could think of that I’ve seen them put out donuts for the clients—or is it for the salesforce?

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@daloon: Our service/repair dept. puts them out for guests and our salesforce circles like sharks.

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I guess it’s how they can justify “breakfast on us.”

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@tiffyandthewall : I’m almost with you. I make my son cereal, then retreat to the bathroom with my coffee/tea until I hear, “All done!” Erm… from my son, not my pooper.

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I once ate watermelon while taking a bath (after I got back from a long bike ride). It was the most relaxing and refreshing thing ever.

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