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Has anyone else suffered a femoral neck fracture from a skiing accident?

Asked by dpokomo (5points) February 25th, 2011

I was skiing at a high rate of speed and fell on my left hip. Felt intense pain, but I was alone & it was the end of the day, so I skied back to my hotel and tried to convince myself it was just a bad bruise. Two days later I went to the hospital for xrays and was admitted immediately and had surgery the next morning. Inow have 3 pins holding the bone together. Looks like I’ll be on crutches for quite awhile and will be missing the rest of this great season. From what I’ve read this is not a common injury for someone under 65 and was just wondering if anyone else has had experienced what I am going through.

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Nope, but feel better and get well soon. Welcome to fluther.

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Fluther is a great distraction if you are bedridden. I am sorry that you were injured.

Here is a comprehensive article about your type of injury.

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Yes i have broke my neck skiing before i know what you are going through

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