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What to eat after removal of wisdom teeth?

Asked by shadling21 (6501points) August 20th, 2010

The surgeon got rid of 4 teeth this morning. So far, I’ve eaten a ton of jello and a bit of pudding. I look forward to my instant mashed potatoes later tonight. Any other suggestions?

Also, is my latte with a mere 75 mg of caffeine a bad idea? I heard caffeine is bad because it may increase flow of blood to the mouth.

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Scrambled or soft-boiled eggs. Pureed soup, real mashed potatoes, ice cream if the cold doesn’t bother you, custard, apple sauce, (read the ingredients in instant mashed potatoes – a baked potato or baked sweet potato is easy and soft and real).

What does “flow of blow” mean?

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Probably “blood.”

I ate a lot of potato soup from a Marie Callender’s.

You might look up mechanical soft diet.

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@gailcalled Nice catch! It was a typo. I meant “flow of blood”.

I will indeed read the ingredients of the instant mashed potatoes. Real potatoes are surely superior. Thanks!

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I ate a lot of cold things for the first 24 hours or so after having my wisdom teeth extracted. The first thing I ate was a milkshake (yes I ate it because I wasn’t allowed to use a straw). After that, I ate mostly jello, pudding, and ice cream for the first day to help with any swelling. The second day, I ate soups and drank a lot. About the third day after the surgery, I was able to eat normal foods again with minimal discomfort (it only hurt if something hit one of the spots were the stitches were).

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Just be sure you don’t “eat” anything you actually have to suck. Also, don’t smoke. Dry socket is one of the worst pains I’ve ever felt!

Generally, anything soft will be fine. Soup is good, as long as it’s not piping hot.

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Cap’n Crunch!!
how about soup? ;)

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Hooray! Soups. I’ll be having some cream of mushroom soup… tomorrow. Today, I’ll play it safe, as @Seaofclouds did.

@lucillelucillelucille Your response made me laugh out loud!

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Soup. Apple sauce.

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my brother cooked him some spaghetti and cut it up into teeny pieces and ate that when he got his wisdom teeth taken out.

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Don’t eat Cup of Noodles! I did. I ended up having to take the noodles out of my bloody sockets with tweezers. Thank gawd for pain killers. Feel better soon!

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@gypsywench Ouch! Good call. Will not try.

@Mom2BDec2010 I’m going to eat overcooked (ie. mushy) mac and cheese. I’ll try cutting up the noodles, too.

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Milkshake – tilt your head back and pour
More soup
Even more soup

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@shadling21: Better yet, mash the pasta with a fork.

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@kevbo The mechanical soft diets that I’ve found sound pretty good – thanks!

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Certain Smoothies might work?

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stay away from peas…and corn

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@Katawagrey is doing that on tuesday. All those sound good, as well as yogurt. Now I’ll make my shopping list, I’ll be on serious Mom duty. @shadling21 : Hope you feel better soon.

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@shadling21 -Glad to make you smile! I remember all too well what that was like.Heal up!! :))

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My-T-Fine chocolate pudding. My boys lived on that and Percocet for days.

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I used to make baby food in the food processor. You can experimant with this on some of your dishes. Hope you feel better soon. I remember all to well!

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As @JilltheTooth said, I will be getting mine out on Tuesday so it’s nice to read these suggestions. I keep hearing ice cream and seedless smoothies are the best.

I am looking forward to those mashed potatoes though… :D

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Don’t forget to eat the Tylenol #3. You will need it tonight.

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The mashed potatoes were delicious, and the macaroni and cheese. I feel much better after the food and pills. Good luck @KatawaGrey!

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@shadling21 Glad you are feeling better and got to enjoy some good food!

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beef broth… and don’t do what I did and eat taco’s

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@talljasperman Why would you eat TACOS? I mean, they are delicious, but…

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@talljasperman : You definitely win the silly award on this thread. Tacos???

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@shadling21: Thank you! I’m glad I’ll be able to eat two of my favorite foods. :)

I promise to ask at least one question while I’m hopped up on pain meds.

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@shadling21 and @JilltheTooth My father was not the nicest person in the world…so naturally he took me out for taco’s… I used a whole 12 rolls of toilet paper. and all the T3’s… at least he didn’t make me finish my plate… but we went again later in the week and I ate the insides and left the hard outside in the plate

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@talljasperman Tacos are my favourite. Your story makes me hunger for tacos.

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My friend had hers removed last week. She suggested a lot of soup, anything soft, etc. I’m getting one of mine removed Tuesday, so I’m kind of glad this question was asked. Haha!

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Wow, it must be wisdom tooth removal season. Good luck too you, too @peinrikudo6.

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I see you mentioned instant mashed potatoes, however i had HOMEMADE mashed potatoes, it’s so much different from instant mashed potatoes that it can be considered a whole different meal. :)
What about icecream smoothies? Or fruit smoothies. If you like soup, have those. Or mashed butternut is yummy with a little butter mixed in it.

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@shadling21 Thanks! My wisdom tooth removal was actually fun. I had the dentists sedate me. Hahaha.

All I ate was jello and pudding for the first day, and moved up to toaster strudels the second day. On the third day now and I’m eating basically everything since only one tooth was extracted.

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@peinrikudo6 Ah! Good to hear.

It took me about a week to feel comfortable eating larger items (it hurt to open my jaw). I ate jello every day till I ran out – I think I’m addicted to the stuff.

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@peinrikudo6: Don’t eat anything with sprinkles until the holes have closed up. I learned that the hard way.

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@KatawaGrey: Ouch, that doesn’t sound very fun! I was actually very tempted to eat sushi and whatnot on the second day! Once I got my stitches removed, I finally had some. lol.

@shadling21: I loved eating pudding! When I was at work, I told my boss I had to eat it, so I ate a million of them and was able to get away with it. >:)

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