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Which batteries are best for wireless devices?

Asked by augustlan (47674points) February 26th, 2011

Specifically, a wireless mouse and a wireless XBox controller, both use AA batteries, and a whole lot of them. :/

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MissAnthrope recently asked a question about rechargeable batteries, and there were some great responses there. You might want to check out the brand she was talking about.

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For our Xbox controllers, we use a Nyko charger base with the rechargeable battery packs. We’ve had it since Christmas and so far it’s done really well.

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Li+ ion batteries are best for such applications where you burn through alkaline batteries. If the AA batteries you have been using were not alkaline that may be your problem.

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I have had the best luck with NiMH batteries in those devices. Unlike alkalines, they give a fairly constant voltage throughout their cycle instead of gradually weakening, unlike cheap NiCads, they are not hurt if you throw them on the charger with half a charge remaining (no “memory effect”), and unlike LiON batteries, they don’t cost an arm and a leg.

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