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What is one amazing thing about your state?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43344points) February 27th, 2011

Here in Kansas, it’s the weather! These pictures are NOT photo shopped. My coworker was at that game and she showed me the ones she had taken with her cell phone.

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That in one state, we have mountains, a lovely plateau, and my favorite, the ocean. We have multicultural expressions that reflect the geographic differences. It’s a beautiful world. I don’t know what being bored feels like.

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W00T! There go the sirens!

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The state I grew up in, Rhode Island, is the smallest state in the country, but apparently has the most shoreline, or at least a whole lot of it. Hence why it is called “The Ocean State”.

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@incendiary_dan Alaska has the most shoreline.

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@Mikewlf337 Thanks. I just looked up some more stuff, and I think I was getting it confused with the most shorline per actual square miles of land.

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Have nothing to say about my state, but those are awesome pictures.

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mountains, canyons, valleys, rivers.

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Trees, the Great Lakes, mountains, fertile farmland, beaches, and so much more!

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Is in good fiscal shape. But leaving all that out of there, I will tweek the question a bit. The amazing thing about my area is we have a professional team for almost every sport in maybe a 30 mile radius, some sports multiple teams. We have 7, that I could think of, professional baseball teams, four ice hockey (maybe more), a few football (arena and traditional), lacrosse (both indoor and outdoor), soccer of the indoor and outdoor variety as well. Softball, some basketballers, rugby, lady professional tackle football, lady underware football (I never attend these), as so many more that I just can’t recall right now. Any one of these we could be there in under an hour. It’s great to be a sports fan here.

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A strip of land down part of the eastern border of my state was part of what was once known as the State of Franklin, the Free Republic of Franklin, or Frankland. It ceased to exist in 1788.

Article on Wikipedia

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Oregon is one of the more liberal states lol. Plus we have nice mountains and forestry and such, we even have a little desert.

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New River Gorge Bridge. It is open to foot traffic one day a year and base jumpers come from all over the world to jump off of it.

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The American bald eagle is making a comeback in Illinois. You have a good chance of spotting one along one of many rivers here. I was lucky enough to spot one out my kitchen window the other day. It was standing in the field. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

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It’s coming back here too!! It is just very cool to see one.

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The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations (nicknamed “Rhode Island”) is the smallest state, but has the longest name.

@incendiary_dan You pick the quantity of shoreline as your one amazing thing about Rhode Island? What about all the Rhode Island food, the coffee milk, pizza strips, and hot weiners? What about the burning of the Gaspee?

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The birth control pill was invented here. (You’re welcome.) :)

Edit: There are a ton of things I’m proud of, but many people are familiar with a lot of it.- figured I’d pick some of the lesser known. Johnny Appleseed is the local folk hero. The name came from the Algonquian Indian word for “a big hill place.” We built the first subway system in the United States, also the first public park. The federal government purchased state and privately owned land to create the first national park here. We boast the first Dunkin Donuts and Howard Johnson. We have the two largest cities in New England. There‚Äôs loads of history here, including the first Thanksgiving in 1621.

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You can see 7 states from Rock City near Chatanooga. There are actually 8 states that border TN, not sure if that is the most states that border another state? We have Graceland here in Memphis, which I recommend everyone visit.

I went to school in MI. The Great Lakes, along woth many other lakes pop into my mind. The one very unique thing in Michigan is Mackinac Island (pronounced Mack-in-awe) where there are no automobiles, nothing motorized, expect the ambulance and fire truck. You leave your car on the mainland and take a ferry to get there. Lots of horses and bicycles on the island. Oh, and you have never seen so many American cars on the road then when you are in MI.

I lived in FL for many years, and of course the beaches are wonderful. Having blue skies almost every day is amazing.

I grew up outside of Washington DC, and if you have never been to the Capital city I recommend it. Cherry Blossom in early April is just beauiful, here are some photos. The Cherry Blossom trees were a gift from Japan.

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Tennessee cannot be described as just one item in my state. Tennessee is known as the “three states of Tennessee”. West, Middle and East Tennessee.

The west has Memphis and the blues.

The middle has Music city.

The east has The Smokey Mountains.

People who visit Tennessee usually move to Tennessee.

And, did I mention that Tennessee has more sunshine than the State of Florida?

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@Taciturnu Just today I drove through Leominster, and learned that it’s the hometown of Johnny Appleseed. My brother learned that Johnny Appleseed was a real person.

Franklin has the country’s first public library. Actually, that’s what I should have answered with. I lived in RI for 19 years, but I lived the earliest years of my life in MA, and I’m back here now.

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@john65pennington Are you sure about that sunshine stat? It doesn’t feel that way to me.

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Texas speaks for itself, and needs no introduction. : )

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@CaptainHarley That reminds me of something else that everyone should know about Rhode Island.

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You’re never more than 6 miles away from a source of fresh water.

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@hobbitsubculture LMAO! Alll rightie then! : D

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@JLeslie Wow! DC looks like cotton candy!
@hobbitsubculture Lovin’ it! I gotta get me one! (I was born in Texas….Texas was a big deal in our family because my dad was raised there, in Sunray. However, he was BORN in Oklahoma. I’m the only “true” Texan in my family….heh!)

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My province has prairie, mountains, forests, badlands and crazy weather, too. It’s snowing it’s little heart out out there.

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California has everything from Death Valley to Yosemite, Big Sur to Tahoe, with redwoods and the San Francisco Bay Area and tons of other stuff. But no other state has a Mystery Spot

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The Duggars…when will they STOP?!!! Nobody knows.

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New South Wales has the best mountains, the best beaches, and the best city in Australia.

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I depends on whether the state is part of a Mealy or a Moore Finite State Machine. I prefer the Moore model.

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@zenvelo – Come to Scotland and experience the wonders of the Electric Brae

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@zenvelo Sorry you are wrong, we have one of those too. Mystery Spot in Michigan.

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@hobbitsubculture I love Massachusetts. (More specifically, Cape Cod.) I’ve tried to “get away” on a couple of occasions (once to Alaska, once to another part of MA) and I keep coming back. There are two other places I could see myself sticking around long term before eventually returning here… California and Rhode Island. I love them both. I love the coastline in RI. Gorgeous.

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The UConn Huskies women’s basketball team.

I keep thinking of what an amazing recruiting job Geno Auriemma has done for that team, starting from the early 90s when they were a nonentity in women’s basketball. He’d be recruiting young women to play basketball for a relatively unknown team, where the only thing that they could count on in the future would be that they’d always be known as ‘Husky women’. And what young girl wants that? Quite a lot of them now, but still…

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England doesn’t have states so I replaced the word “state” in your question with “county”. I live in Wiltshire which has a fair amount of history. Stonehenge (which is about 20 mins from my home) is pretty amazing.

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Oh wow! Stonehenge! How cool is that!

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Almost everyone outside of Bavaria knows about the Oktoberfest. America, Japan, China, and so forth.

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I decline to discuss the Mystery Hole in Kansas.

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@Dutchess_III It is cool. I drive past it everytime I visit my Grandmother and have seen hundreds of times. I am still amazed by it though.

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Bluebonnets in the spring / U.T. Longhorns, San Antonio Spurs.

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@Dutchess_III I need to hear more about the Mystery Hole. My Inquiring mind wants to know.

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I don’t think we have one. We have the World’s Deepest Hand Dug Well. It’s in Greensburg. Greensburg was pretty much wiped off the map by a tornado in 2007, I think. Tornado was huge. Greensburg is tiny. But the well survived!

I got a glimpsed of the weather radar on TV around Greensburg just before it hit. I whispered “Holy Shit!” and jumped to get a pic of it. I still have it. It was an F5. Greensburg.:

Radar I saw. Oh my God.

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