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Is it possible to eat too much Nutella?

Asked by dreamer31 (1932points) February 27th, 2011

My 6 year old son has always been a good and healthy eater. He loves things that many children would not eat like green beans, well any kind of bean, potatoes, squash, ect….
Anyway he is on a “kick” with Nutella, which is hazelnut and cocoa he wants it as a snack, as his breakfast and any other time he is allowed. I am also pretty positive that he has snuck a spoonful or two when we weren’t looking.

Although he eats very well he is skinny.
Is it possible to eat to much of it or is sort of like peanut butter but better for you and you can eat it with everything if you choose?

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We have nutella at work for a “dessert pizza” that we do…..some nights I eat half a container. I put a blob of it on a pita chip and it is amazing….it doesn’t weigh me down like other sweets do either (and I would know, I have the worst sweet tooth of anyone I ever met)....just judging from that, I’d say you should be good! Especially if he eats healthy otherwise. I totally feel him though, that stuff is heaven on earth plus puppies plus frolicking in a meadow of sunflowers.

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No, it’s really not possible to eat too much Nutella…

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You tell him many of us have the same problem with Nutella – I have made it my personal mission to eat too much of Nutella many a time.

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Finally, a Nutella question! Judging by the way he eats, he should be fine. I eat obscene amounts of food (along with Nutella) and I’m okay ;]

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I’m pretty sure many of us eat waaaaaaay more Nutella than he is, and we’re all good!

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“Too much” is, in this case, largely determined by physical capacity. And it’s still sugary, so there is a health component to it.
It is marketed, in Italy, as both a breakfast component (Nutella on bread) and as a snack component (Nutella on bread/grissini)

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It is possible to eat too much of anything.
From bread to kalium cyanide.

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@ragingloli – anything, except Nutella! I think Nutella should be given its own food group.

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Kids go on food jags all the time, he will probably move on to somehing else within a few months. The only big negative about nutella is high fat content, much like peanut butter. If the other food you might offer him is high in fat also, then I would say no problem eating the nutella. If he was overweight, maybe he would need to really watch eating such a high caloric food. If he would be eating vegetables otherwise, then it would be nice if he did not eat so much nutella, but again, sometimes good to let them play out a food jag so food does not become an issue. Parents get upset when their kids eat pizza every other day, but if they are going to eat “American” tacos, grilled ham and cheesw, chicken fingers, and cheeseburgers in place of pizza, what’s the big deal?

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The only thing I would worry about is that if he’s eating that, he may not be eating enough of other food. Nutella is basically a very small amount of ground nuts… at little as 8 percent, and the rest is the equivalent of taking something like crisco and mixing it with sugar and cocoa to make a spread. Peanut butter’s redeeming feature is its protein content. Nutella doesn’t even have that going for it.

Due to peer pressure, I’ve started allowing my 6 year old chocolate spread, BUT only in his lunch bag on Friday as a treat, and only as a snack on Saturdays. In my mind, learning self control and self-discipline includes food choices. But your son doesn’t sound like he’s out of control, he sounds charmingly typical.

He sounds like he’s not completely obsessing or replacing his meals with spoonfuls of the stuff, so I wouldn’t worry about it. What’s not to like about a sweet chocolate spread? He’s a veggie eater, so keep putting the good stuff in front of him at meal times and be glad that’s going in him too.

6 is such a fun age. They’re growing really fast and using tonnes of energy.

This article might interest you to read:

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“Everything in moderation, even excess” as Oscar Wilde said. Or should that be “Everything in moderation, even Nutella”

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“Everything in moderation, except Nutella”!!!! :-D

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Darn it! Now, I want some !
I’ll put it on my banana and wash it down with green tea.

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As long as you’re keeping an eye on how much he’s eating, I wouldn’t worry about it. Don’t forget, though, that like most peanut butters, Nutella is packed full of sugar.

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Well, he’s not overweight, so the only real problem might be his teeth.

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You may want to give him a Flintstone’s vitamin daily if he is very focused on one food. That’s what my mom used to do for safe measure.

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@Everyone thank you for all of your answers. :) He is very healthy and possibly a little on the skinny side but he eats good variety of healthy food and alot of it.

I am a little disappointed to hear that the sugar content is still so high, seems to me like it is impossible to get away from sugar but are they all bad for you?

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Nutella, ganola and bananas rolled up in a crepe for breakfast. yum.

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@BarnacleBill That is amazing! My dream is to try this: Toast two waffles, spread Nutella and one, Marshmallow fluff on the other, and combine them. Eh?

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@Joker94 – I’m sure the Geneva Convention has banned that particular formulation. It could lead to the end of Civilisation as we know it. Sorry, what was that? Oh, you say that Civilisation as we know it ended in 2009 anyway, ok missed that, but it explains a lot.

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@markferg Dangit, I knew I should’ve checked my Geneva handbook..

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