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How much does it cost to do a will, living will, DNR, and POA in NYC?

Asked by JLeslie (65329points) February 28th, 2011

Trying to figure out if my family is getting completely ripped off.

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I will come back to this @JLeslie I’m off for dinner But I can tell you for certain that the living will, the DNR & the POA can easily be done for no cost. The only one that can cost money is the will.

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@SpatzieLover The person helping to get it all done is willing to pay, she is only in town for a short time to help. Figuring it out herself or guessing whether she is doing it right is not an option. She wants a lawyer to draw it all up.

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You could probably do it yourself, but if not, get someone fresh out of law school and get it done for $300 bucks.

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You can do them all yourself on Then print them out and take them to an attorney to check for accuracy. It will cost you less than having the attorney do all the work.

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What @WestRiverrat said – except for the will. Arguably, to get an airtight version you should go to a lawyer – but you should be able to suss out how likely it is that they’ll be contested.

A will is generally personal – you should have a basic discussion with a lawyer, in my view, about the various “gifts” in it.

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With Suze Orman‘s help, free

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You should do the will on Legalzoom too, even if you have an attorney write it up for you. If nothing else, it will give get most of the busy work done, and the attorney will then have to spend less time on it, which will save money.

When we did them for our parents, the Durable POA and the living will were the most legally complicated. The will took the most time to get done.

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I paid $500 for a will, living will, durable medical power of attorney. That included multiple notarized copies of the living will and the durable medical power of attorney, because you need to hand them out to doctors, the hospital you normally go to, and have several copies on hand.

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