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Boy or Girl?

Asked by missbabyboo (195points) April 16th, 2008

which gender do you think is more confusing?? some say its guys some say its girls.. i just want to know..because sometimes guys cant make up their mind and hard to predict what they want. same as girls but i think theyre not as confusing..little help?

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I think you should probably stop thinking about everything that’s bothering you. Call a friend, go hang out, read a book, do something other than sit at a computer all day posting questions about all your guy problems, because if you don’t, you’re going to be wracking your brain for nothing, and you’re going to start frustrating some users on here with question after question about guys.

And to answer all of your recent questions in one place… Just be honest with these people, tell them how you feel, they just might reciprocate, they might not, just be sure that they know how much your friendship means to you.

Only then can you have your answers.

Now go out and enjoy the day!

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I’m sure we’re equally as confusing to each other. I don’t think you can really completely understand how the opposite sex works (or thinks for that matter), but you can really learn how to deal with most of the common situations that arise through experience.

If you’re talking specifically about indecisiveness, then I think you’re out of luck there too. It all depends on the person, their confidence, etc.

Like Bsilver is saying, you can’t just sit there and wonder. You won’t actually learn anything unless you go and experience that stuff yourself!

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i have experienced and been out there wondering and experiencing them but i have not been getting answers to my problems or my friend introduced me to this site she hoping itd help answer my questions..

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you will never get answers to your “problems” on here, or really anywere… Just our thoughts and opinions. Only you can control your destiny. Tacky , but true

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i know but more opinions are better than no opinions at friends do not know how to give me clues or anything helping me..

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TheHaight is right I think. This site will give you our perspective on your problems, but it’s up to you to come up with the answer. I guess it’s good to get other people’s opinions, but you still have to do the work ;-).

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i say girls…im mean come on we can get a little b****y sometime.

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true that..girls are a little too b****y sometimes but guys are a******s sometimes too..and they can be quite confusing

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Honey, PEOPLE are confusing. Gotta love it. It’s not going to stop.

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98% of ppl are stupid…both male and female. girls tend to over think things, guys let things go easier. both can be equally confusing.

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I think both genders are confusing to the opposite sex. Sometimes you can find both guy or girl who are pretty easy to figure out, but then you have those complicated spoiled asses who want you to jump through millions of hoops to start back at square 1. You know…so i think we are both equally confusing.

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“human nature” is something I will never understand.
Both genders, are equally “confusing” all of the time
we all contradict ourselves in some way or another
and everybody seems to want something.
The way human beings treat eachother in general is
nothing I can make much sense of,
everything is situational and people
can be extremly fickle with something
they’ve previously seemed so pasionate about.
lack of consistency in daily lives
lead to one extremely confusing species known as the human being:
males and females alike.

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Definitely girls guys no girls guys guys for sure yep, guys maybe girls possibly.

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Guys are confusing to girls and girls are confusing to guys. Girls get each other. Boys get each other but boys getting girls and girls getting boys… I don’t think so.

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Anyone can be anything at anytime. Just stay out of trouble, have good intentions in life, go to college and don’t be so worry some. You’ll be just fine. You’ll find your real friends via YOUR hobbies or workplace. Don’t hang out with people just to hang out.

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I think girls are more confusing just cause I’m a guy. Probably easier to relate to the same-sex than it is to the opposite sex.

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