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How to I show the hard drive in the sidebar of my Mac OS X Window?

Asked by Evan (805points) April 16th, 2008

I foolishly deleted the shortcut to my hard drive in the side bar when I open a window in Mac OS X (10.4.11). I feel like there has to be a simple way of putting it back, but dragging and dropping isn’t working. :) Is there such a way?

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sure, go to the finder, go to the preferences (cmd+,) and select the sidebar tab, then just click on hard drives, good luck

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yea its that simple

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If it’s actually been dragged out of the “Devices” panel, and you can’t get it back by viewing hard drives, activate Finder, and on the menu bar choose “Go -> Computer” (or press Shift+Command+C).
Then it’s just a matter of dragging your hard drive icon from the window to the sidebar!

The other way to get to your computer is to keep pressing Command+Up Arrow until you get to the computer, showing all the storage devices connected. Command+Up takes you to the “enclosing folder”.

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