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What do you like about going to the movies?

Asked by tekn0lust (1861points) April 16th, 2008

Don’t turn the thread into what you don’t like as there isn’t enough storage on the fluther servers for that. Tell us what you like about “the movie experience”.

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it’s not that much of social event since you can’t talk to your friends and all. I just like seeing the movie before I have to wait for it to come out on DVD.

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The things I like are:

o-No prep work or cleanup. Walk in walk out.
o-Knowing that every one of the people in the theater with me had the exact same thought about going to that movie at some point in the past. Kinda makes me feel connected to them.
o-No way to duplicate a theater’s expanse in a normal house.
o-Not having the ability to pause or rewind the movie is kinda refreshing and old school.
o-Getting to talk about and analyze the movie with the you saw it with after it’s over.

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Most movie theaters are not what they used to be. But recently I have liked theaters like Movieco. Here in Florida they have a huge beautiful theater that actually has a restaurant / bar on the mezzanine level of the theater. Have an (alcoholic) drink and dinner while watching a movie at the same time is a great idea, and if more theaters did that I think it could bring back the business.
Also IMAX type theaters are a great experience. With almost all the major movie companies making their “NextGen” movies (being released in late 08’ early 09’) in 3D it should be another great reason to hit the theater.

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i enjoy the previews, so i can see whats coming out next that i might want to see, and being able to just sit there and watch without having someone to pause it and piss or answer a phone, its all really straight threw. Also going with someone you know will appreciate it just as much as you because they have also paid the 10 dollars to watch the same movie.

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I just enjoy the atmosphere of a movie theater. Laughing at the same time as others at a funny part- or screaming at a scary part! Talking about the movie afterwards on the ride home with friends or your significant other.

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-I like seeing big movies on premiere nights at midnight, everyone who goes is psyched about the movie.. 1/2 the people are dressed up.. Also movie are made to be seen in theaters and not at home on a tv.. or your iPHONE! Yet the movie experience today is easily ruined by the inconsiderate person.

-Drive-in movies are fun too, I try to go see handful of movies in the summer at the drive-in

-@ppcakes I also loveee the previews, I have to get to the theater early to see them.

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drive in movies!! I miss that. They closed ours down years ago… To put a costco.

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its something to do where you don’t have to talk to anybody. i remember when I was in college and dating, it was an easy date night when we went to the movies. and then afterward, we had something to talk about. probably the reason those girlfriends didn’t work out.

i seem to catch some good zzzz’s at the theater as well. no matter how interesting the movie is, it never fails.

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A long time ago, it was the place to make out with my girlfriend.

Nowadays, I love going to the 7 story IMAX at the Palms in Vegas. The size is too big for your eyeballs. I was lucky enough to see “300” there and was absolutely blown away.

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I like being able to talk about the latest flick with others, the pluthera of munchies, and being able to hold hands in the dark!

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aaah, i wish the theaters where as good over here, realy frustrating, people talking through movies, calling realy loud,and not the “shhh, yeah at the movies, okay call you back” but the real deal “hey, yeah, yeah me too, what? yeah im at the movies, no i can talk…” and i wouldn’t be the first time when someone stars yelling at someone else, or just gets up, yells “this movie sucks” because it turned out to be a good movie…

wish i lived in a civiliced place…i realy do

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I love going to the movies, and do so often. For this reason I usually try to catch the matinee show. There’s nothing like experiencing the film together with other people and then getting to discuss it. It is also oftentimes a welcome reprieve from the rat-race, an escape, so to speak. For me it is almost cathartic to go see a film when there’s almost no one, if anyone, else in the theatre with my friends, my family, or even just by myself. I feel really special, like it’s my own private screening. This is especially true if I’ve been waiting a while for the movie to come out. I like to sit up front so that everything is huge: sound, special effects, etc. and so that afterwards I can read the credits uninterrupted. This is also true if there are frequent bathroom users or people in the audience who keep checking their phones and bathing the auditorium with that all-too-familiar blue light. Our local theatre has free popcorn on Tuesdays, which is a nice treat. I don’t typically get snacks there, but rather smuggle them in. One of my favorite snacks to smuggle in are blizzards from the nearby Dairy Queen. sssssssssssshhh! don’t tell anyone :0)

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I hate going to the movies. Its too damn expensive. I will however make exceptions for big movies like i will most definitely be seeing The Dark Knight opening night. As far as the whole seeing before it comes out on dvd i pirate my stuff anyway so that argument is voided. I hate when people talk during movies too, usually ruins it for me. There is something about seeing a movie with friends and then immediately after walking out of the theater talking about it and analyzing it.

“I like going to movies by myself that no one goes to. Then when I see just one person in the theater I sit in the seat right next to them.” When they say, “what are you doing?” I say, “SHHHH! I’m trying to listen to Keanu!”

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@simone, not having to talk to the person with you’re with is exactly why I like going to them. Whenever there’s someone from my past who wants to “catch up” and I don’t really want to, but don’t want to be mean, I’d suggest a movie. Totally neutral event, you don’t have to talk during it, and afterwards there wouldn’t be a lack of things to talk about since you can talk about the movie you just saw.

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i love how you are there to watch that movie, you wont miss any little part unless you go to the bathroom or for some snacks. watching movies at home everyone feels they can just talk out loud and no one will care. therefore you sometimes miss little parts you need to know.

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Also just getting out of the house. I have had about 3 dates in 5 years with out the kids.

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Bri_L: mmm.. popcorn is good. unless it has all that fake butter crap over it. that’s grody.

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only thing i dislike about popcorn, at least over here, is that some pieces get stuck…uurgh!

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@iwamoto behind your teeth? sucks right?

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@ allie- I go in thinking I wont take any and then load up. I never leave with out regretting it.

@ iwamoto and uberbatman you got that right. ooch!

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yeah, the worst thing is a little piece of “peeling” that gets stuck on the back of my tongue from time to time….aaaargh!

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@iwamoto you are so right! it hangs in there forever!

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and you try to get it off, but because it’s hard it’s sort of stuck in that soft tissue, and you drink, but that only makes you go to the bathroom…aaargh!

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hehehe. I end up trying to use the straw to scrape it off.

and THATS what I love about going to the movies.

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