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Where can I get free stuff on my birthday?

Asked by theabk (683points) May 13th, 2007
I know some places give you a free ice cream or free lunch - anyone know of a place in the bay area or a website where I can find some lists?
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i don't know if you have bill knapp's by you, but they give out a free chocolate cake!
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I think baskin-robbins gives out free ice cream cones. And Victoria's Secret is giving out coupons for $10 off any purchase in your birth-month. Also, if you go to any bar wearing a pin or shirt or hat that says, "it's my birthday, buy me a drink," I guarantee you will get a lot of free drinks bought for you, especially if you are a woman. And, um, this works even if it isn't really your birthday...
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i know this is an old question, but i just stumbled across it.

max's opera cafe sings for you in four-part harmony and brings you some kind of dessert. chevy's you get free food and a hat (at least you did several years ago) - but you have to show ID i recall.

did you find anything? mine's coming up! yay free stuff!

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I remember I found a website which listed places; I can't remember what it was but I know I found it by googling.

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