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Would you rather be a great ruler, or be known as a great ruler?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19041points) March 5th, 2011

Yes, you have to pick one – you can’t pick both, you can’t pick neither.

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Be a great ruler. I don’t care if I am known for what I do—as long as I know that I have done it.

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Be a great ruler. Truth will out.

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@iamthemob Sometimes, great rulers are lost to the anals of history…

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I’d rather be known as a great ruler, then go find out what made me such a great ruler. :P

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Am I a shatterproof ruler, pocket ruler, or more of the protractor variety?

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Trick question. There’s no such thing.

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I think I would choose to be known as a great ruler because that would indicate that the populace thought highly of me and my ability to lead well.

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I’d rather be a great ruler ,,,, there’s always that sense of secret and quiet amusement when you know that you know something the other person does not….

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@MyNewtBoobsSometimes, great rulers are lost to the anals of history

True – however, if I’m truly a great leader, and people don’t think that I am, then eventually at least the work will be recognized as great.

Of course, it’s difficult to be a great leader, though, unless the people that you’re leading think you are. So are you really talking about great leaders of their time that are forgotten – or leaders that are remembered as great and might have been really mediocre or bad.

If that’s the case – still would rather be a great leader.

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I’d rather be a good ruler. That’s basically how I live my life, anyway, as a quiet ambassador for good and justice. I would rule as I live now, by treating others with respect and by fulfilling what I consider to be my duty to other human beings. I doubt I’ll get any recognition for this and that’s okay. It’s not the recognition that matters, it’s the satisfaction that comes from knowing I lived my life as honestly, as truthfully, and as thoughtfully as possible.

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I’d rather be a great ruler and the history books be damned.

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I’d rather be a great ruler than (merely) be known as one. I’ve never cared for seeing my name in print.

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@SavoirFaire – that does not apply to your screenname, I assume. ;-)

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Nope. That’s why I like the internet. I always find it weird when advertisements for jobs in journalism use “see your name in print” as an enticement.

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The former, because then I would also be the latter.

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@seazen Read the description: it’s one or the other. If you choose the former, then history will conspire to make sure the latter never comes about.

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Not true. There have been great rulers who were also thought of as great rulers.

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@seazen Again, read the description. I’m not making a historical claim. I’m directing you to the parameters of the question.

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@SavoirFaire Yes, you have to pick one – you can’t pick both, you can’t pick neither.

Hmmm. I think I got it: as I said – I choose the former. Period. Does the period help you? Because then it would be the latter. I.E., If I am a good leader, there is a chance history will remember me as a good leader.

zen out

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Right, but the implication is that you are in a situation where there is no chance you will be remembered as a good leader. You can either be a good leader or be considered a good leader—but not both. I take it, though, that you would still choose to be a good leader.

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My head hurts.

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