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What's awesome about Ann Arbor?

Asked by bezdomnaya (1435points) March 7th, 2011

Tell me about Ann Arbor, please. Anything and everything.

(I realize Wikipedia exists, I want something more anecdotal.)

Good coffee? Football? Seasons? Bus system? Really, anything you can think of.

For reference, I have lived in Lawrence, KS; Brooklyn, NY; Cambridge, UK; and Novosibirsk, Russia, if you’d like to compare it. I am moving to Ann Arbor for law school at the beginning of August.

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The absolute best. Everything you could ever hope for (and then some more you never realized you liked or wanted).

I wish they were closer to me than 1–1 and a half hours drive. I’d be there every day !

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The Ann Arbor Film Festival is the longest-running independent and experimental film festival in North America.

I love the midwest…Michigan is almost as great as Wisconsin. ;0)

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There are a lot of quaint, locally-owned restaurants and shops with great food/art/atmosphere. Get ready for some cold winters.

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The Detroit Observatory in Ann Arbor has a stunningly beautiful 1857 telescope which was the third largest on Earth when it saw first light. The 1854 meridian telescope was another important instrument in its day.

Here is one of my photos of the Fitz 1857 Fitz telescope.

John F Kennedy proposed the formation of the Peace Corps on the steps of The Union

I bet most Americans don’t know what an iron lung, thanks to Jonas Salk, who trained at U of M and created the polio vaccine.

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Semi-famous people tend to end up there. Science has yet to determine why this is so.

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I’m not sure that “decriminalized” would be the most accurate term regarding Marijuana usage.

“lenient enforcement” by CITY police officers is closer to reality.

I recently had occasion to do some research on the totality of the subject in order to clarify the specifics surrounding medical marijuana use personally.

Whatever the city itself does or does not choose to do has zero effect upon State Police and Federal officers. And even city cops will aggressively go after dealers as per statements made by the Chief of Police for the city.

All of this basically translates into very few consequences (other than fines) for users of non-medical MJ in small reasonable amounts.

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From all my friends from Michigan, exactly nothing, except that it’s slightly less crappy than St. Claire…

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They have the Mackinac bridge joining the UP and the LP of Michigan that is worth a look. There are some good fudge shops in the area too. It isn’t exactly Ann Arbor but it is close enough that if you get the chance to see it you shouldn’t pass up.

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@WestRiverrat That’s like >7 hour drive. One way, even.

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@kenmc Where I live that is a normal weekend trip. I am not in the middle of nowhere, but I can see it out my back window.

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Borders started there. I haven’t been there is about 20 years but it was a great college town back then; very walkable and safe. You will hear “Go, Blue” a lot :>D

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In the fall, be sure to try a Michigan apple, either at the farmers’ market or go apple picking. I ate the most delicious apple in my life when went to visit my sister this past September.

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