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If one has self-medicated for social anxiety their whole life, then stops and the anxiety returns, will it eventually subside?

Asked by glenjamin (2497points) March 9th, 2011

It becomes evident to me that I have been doing this most of my teenage-adult life. It is the reason I became a chronic binge drinker, cigarette smoker, you name it. When stripped of all these addictions one can feel like a fish out of water, how long does that last for? Has anyone else here experienced this?

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I’ll leave out the TMI/personal experience.

It won’t subside without some sort of professional help. It doesn’t have to be therapy—just a visit to a primary care doctor to get some sort of medication can be a huge help.

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I wish I could tell you how long it lasts, or that it will stop tomorrow. Truth be known I’m still trying to figure it out myself. I am/have been in therapy for years now and still suffer from severe anxiety and depression. Sometimes I think self medicating was so much easier and cheaper.

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Anxiety is best over come with a professional to guide you.

My question would be: Have you solved why you turned to addiction in the first place? What is the underlying issue? Has that been properly dealt with?

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I’m still working through this, but can tell you that it does get better slowly. I would say over about a year, those feelings have begun to subside. Can I say that every day is great? Nope. But things are getting better.

And I agree with the others. It’s easier with some professional guidance.

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You can replace self-medicating with something that will actually ease the anxiety. Either prescription medication or herbal.

See your doctor.

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It won’t go away on its own, that’s for sure. You have to be proactive – there’s a bunch of good suggestions here so far.

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Just stop doing those things. I think in most cases the anxiety will subside. If it were me I would work really hard on this problem. Also, since you are so young, I would suggest ceasing all texting and email communication. Learn to talk to people and be around people.

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I can honestly say that I’m in the same boat as you.
What helps me is to clear my head and focus on other things.
I find it helps me to watch movies, read books and sight see.
I’ve heard cigarettes do calm nerves but do cause terrible damage.
We only have one life; so have as much as fun as you can, don’t live it scared!
I wish you the best of luck.

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I think it really depends on the person. For a lot of people, anxiety disorders just last for a short period of their lives. However, for some people, an anxiety disorder is a lifelong battle.
However, it’s really important to continue seeing a therapist as you wean yourself whatever you are self medicating with and possibly for a long time after just to keep talking about how to deal with your anxiety. The therapist can also help you decide if prescription medication would be necessary.

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As a former heavy boozer, I can tell you that booze is a very short-term remedy for anxiety. If you can go dry for a 2–3 weeks, I guarantee you’ll notice a difference in your overall mental well-being. You’ll be more focused, more alert and most importantly, more confident. If you have a true anxiety disorder (and only a clinical/medical professional can determine this) then I would suggest considering abstaining from booze and trying anti-anxiety medication such as Xanax. If you choose this route, USE IN MODERATION or only as needed. Good luck to you.

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