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Does iTunes store your apps, even if you delete them from your phone?

Asked by meagan (4665points) March 10th, 2011

Sorry, I’m sure this is probably very obvious. But I wouldn’t mind someone explaining this to me.

I bought an iPhone a few weeks ago, and I’ve downloaded some apps. When your sync your iPhone to your iTunes, does iTunes keep your apps?

For instance, if I delete an app from my phone to save space, can I later retrieve and download it back onto my phone from my iTunes purchases?

Thanks so much for the help

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You should be able to redownload any app you have already purchased without having to pay again. You just go to the store and buy it again but you dont get charged.

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It still says “buy” next to the games I already have, with the price included. :-/

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Once you click buy and enter your password, it will pop up saying this update is free since you’ve already purchased the app.

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When you go to synch your iPhone in iTunes, on the left hand navigation bar, where you can see your iPhone connected under Devices, click on the where it shows iPhone. It will pull up the synch management page. Accross the top of this page is a link to Apps. You can find former downloads on this page.

This is how I manage my iPod Touch, so I assume it’s the same for an iPhone.

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@BarnacleBill Thanks, I just noticed the “apps” tab earlier. I just didn’t know if it would keep all of the apps that you deleted on your phone or not, for later use.

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Most of mine have been out there for almost a year. What I’m not sure about is if the charge for an app is an annual fee or a one-time purchase. Perhaps that varies by app? I’ve added and deleted Plants v. Zombies on my iPod at least 5 times.

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As long as the app is still in the store you can redownload it as many times as you want.

The Apps tab in itunes will store the apps you’ve downloaded from iTunes and from the iPhone. If you’ve set it to automatic sync, it will try to sync your phone with all the apps from the itunes library and will download any apps not on the library from the phone. If you refuse to let it do that it will delete the apps. If you do manual syncing, you can choose what apps get sent to the phone and nothing will get automatically deleted.

Note that the apps on your library do not save your preferences and personal settings, so if you were playing Fruit ninja and unlocked all the blades and treats and then deleted it off the phone and resynced from iTunes, then you’re starting from square one again.

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