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Adding clean tag to itunes songs?

Asked by justin5824 (196points) March 11th, 2009

Is there any way to add a clean tag to songs in itunes? Like the ones that you get in the store, but on ones I rip, download from Amazon etc.

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I don’t think so

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No sir.

Though that would be a great idea to feedback on!

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I don’t understand what that is.

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When going through the iTunes Music Store. Explicit songs are labeled with a red tag saying explicit with a red border around it. Its located to the right in the Title of the song box. It is not editable, more like a stamp.

Now if there is a song that is normally explicit, and there is a clean version. iTunes shows it up with the same exact “stamp” only its grey, and says “clean”.

When you buy the songs, however; the tags don’t download with them.

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Oh, ok. Thanks.

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no lurve? LOL jk haha

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@bluedoggiant – I have repented. I slathered you with lurve!

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:) lol thanks

I’m pretty new to this site…not sure if my lurve thingy is really reflecting my knowledge LOL.

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Lurve isn’t just knowledge. It’s how you treat people. How funny you are. How quippy. How helpful you are. Do you stand up for an idea? How do you do that? Rudely? Inteligently?

It’s all in there.

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Ahh i see, thanks! some lurve for you!! :P

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Lurve for all of you!

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this comes with the purchase of the audio file. the only way I know how to manually add that tag would be to set up an rss feed with your music and label it as clean. I use feeder for this on a mac. when it gets to iTunes it will have the clean tag on it. the downside is it’s a Podcast and if you took it out of the feed it would likely remove the tag.

on the video side try metax. works wonders for video tags.

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