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How often do you buy things online?

Asked by robdamel (791points) March 10th, 2011

What sites do you like to visit to make online purchases?
What do you usually buy from the internet?
Why not just visit walmart?

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Walmart doesn’t have the selection of brands I like, so I do most of my shopping these days for just about everything except clothes online. I always start with Amazon, both because of their fantasic selection and their very easy return process. I also buy a lot of books and music from and have no problem with ordering from any site that has what I want. (By the way, there’s no easier way to send a gift cross country than via Amazon.)

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Awesome, i`ll check out now

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How often do you buy things online? Almost everyday

What sites do you like to visit to make online purchases? Amazon, Ebay, Various supplement sites, homeschool curriculum sites, and lots more

What do you usually buy from the internet? Almost everything I can. If I could reliably get my groceries on line, I would…but I must shop at Whole Foods once a week for that

Why not just visit walmart? I do. But I only buy things I can’t get for cheaper on Amazon/ebay…which is usually make up, puppy pads, paper towels & toilet paper (though I do get cases from Amazon occasionally when they have a good sale)

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Usually only at Christmastime. I have bought clothes, furniture, food, and books.

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@spatzieLover @Austinlad So basically, you guys buy online because its cheaper? What about shipping and handling? Doesnt that usually make it more expensive?

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I buy a lot of new and used books online at Amazon. I do most of my Christmas shopping online too. I bought a Bass Guitar at Amazon and got an amazing deal on a killer J Bass there and got an awesome drumset off of Craigslist. I do a give and take all the time at

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Amazon Prime costs my family $80 per year….That allows my entire family (including anyone I want to add in my family/friends circle) free two day shipping on any Amazon Prime items. Then, they have further savings for Subscribe & Save Or Mom’s Club and more.

To top it off, I save time, the car trip (gas), pay no sales taxes and it all gets shipped directly to my front door.

Many of the ebay items arrive with either free shipping or with exact shipping…which is still less than I’d pay with the sales tax from a store.

I’m able to shop around for the best selection without having to go to 5 or 6 stores to run all of the errands (and I used to have to do that…so I happen to know what a time & money waster it is…you buy more than you need and need to buy lunch or a snack while your out…if you have a kid with you, you inevitably end up in the toy section because you need to bribe them to get through the rest of the errands on your list——etc).

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@SpatzieLover interesting, thanks.

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The only stuff i’ve ever bought off the interweb is football related. From my teams official online store that is. Replica shirts & such like, I purchase maybe three/four times a year.

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Often, very often, but only if they ship using Fed Ex.

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I get exactly what I want online [clothing for example] by describing it precisely
and don’t have to look at stuff I don’t want.
I also get good deals on computer and camera stuff.
TigerDirect and B & H Photo among others.
And I use Amazon and eBay a lot. like @SpatzieLover I have Amazon Prime.

Right now I am without a car [temporary] and so I buy groceries and wine online
[with an occasional trip to Trader Joe’s].
Peapod, Safeway, WSJwines.

I may shop for a car online.

As for Walmart—gag me with a spoon.

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@anartist Interesting answer!

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We pay bills online more than buy stuff. Things that aren’t available locally we click and buy like pet meds sometimes if not downtown. My hobby supplies as well as kits online(hobby lobby is a fail). We use Spue Bros. for that, sometimes other places. Rifle ammunition is much cheaper online from “J&G” and “Cheaper than Dirt.” pistol ammo we get at W.M. Books sometimes we order online.

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