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What's the best purchase you've made in the last year?

Asked by TylerM (276points) January 25th, 2009

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My spankin’ new computer. :)

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For me it would be between my 24” Acer Monitor and my 5.1 Logitech Surround Sound System.

Maybe your answers can give me some reason to spend more of my money :-D

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Some flowers for my wife for valentines day. hint hint other guys.. don’t forget

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Toss up between the Flip Ultra I bought on October the 8th and the PBR I am drinking now.

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My used Chrysler Town and Country minivan. It had low miles, and came fully loaded – dvd player, heated seats, automatic doors…the works. I got it for 10 grand!

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My laptop. I can write and not have to be at home! I can cook and not have to print out the recipe! It’s lovely.

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My car – 05 Honda Civic Ex. plus putting a kickass stereo in it too.

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My DVR. That thing is a savior.

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A drinnk for a girl i met in a pub.That girl is now my SO :)
If we are talking about objects it would be my Macbook:)

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I hope you have better luck with your acer than I had with the one I bought last year. Mine ended up being a piece of junk that never worked. Good luck with yours!

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Samsung flatscreen. Football in HD rocks!

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Plane tickets for every vacation.

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A new matress

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@basp: You’ve posted about your horrible Acer experience before, no? Because of you, I would never buy one and would caution others against it as well. WoM marketing works!

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My iPhone. The ultimate gift (for myself) that keeps giving!

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My gateway laptop. Its not the best build quality or the most portable, but if your a gamer on a budget its worth every penny. I do sometimes pretend that its portable and lug 10lbs of notebook to a friends house. I still love my P-6860FX, there is a new one but I like this one more. I have had it for 6 months and so far, so good.

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My keurig platinum coffee machine. Not my most expensive purchase this year, but definately one I enjoy daily.

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My Macbook, (I had thought, until it got stolen:(
Then I took the insurance money and bought an iPhone, and man am I H A P P Y!!! :)
I don’t even miss it that much anymore

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My new Sleep Number bed delivered yesterday. This thing may be my best buy for ‘09!

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My Macbook. Makes life so much easier.

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Plane tickets to move to Pittsburgh. Love it here!

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My new Buick Lucerne CXL. What a sweet machine! But then I had no choice. I hit a deer & totaled my Century. It not only has heated seats, the steering wheel is also heated. A welcome addition here in snow country. Rear-view mirrors that dim when there’s a car behind you. Remote starter. Loooove this car!

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Why a Buick? was it previously a rental car that you got used? Did a parent or grand parent give it to you?

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@tehrani625 Why a Buick? After owning the Century, I vowed I’d never have anything else again. They’re solidly built & have been around forever. I know…I’ve heard all the jokes about Buicks. I just laugh with them & know that I have a great car. No, it wasn’t used. We bought it right off the floor. Bought the Century new, too. Hey, if they’re good enough for Tiger Woods, they’re good enough for me!!!

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@jbfletcherfan they pay Tiger woods to drive that “car” they give him. And the funny thing is that they don’t pay him anymore and he doesn’t drive it anymore. They can’t because they don’t have the cash.

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@tehrani625: If jbfletcherfan is happy with her car, which she obviously is…why would you be so snarky? Is she asking you to drive or pay for it – I think not.

@jbfletcherfan: Isn’t is so great when you have a car you really like? It makes it fun to go driving. In this weather I’m jealous of your remote starter!

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@jbfletcherfan I apologize for attacking your baby.

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@bythebay Thank you. I’m a car person. Kind of silly for a woman, maybe, but my cars almost become my kids. I keep them in pristine condition. And yes, I really do love it.

@tehran I’m used to the Buick jabs. My skin is tough.

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@bythebay , PS…..go get a remote starter put in. Believe me, they’re worth every penny. Once you get used to them, you won’t be without it.

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@jbfletcherfan: I’m not a car person; while I enjoy a nice car and I actually love to drive, I generally don’t read the manual or pay much attention to the bells & whistles. That’s why it was so funny last night when I mentioned to my hisband that I wanted a remote starter – he started laughing… then he went and got my car manual which describes in great detail how my car can be programmed to start defrosting/heating or cooling at my discretion. So he had a good laugh at my expense. But it was all for the best, because at 7:15am this morning, my buns were toasty warm when I drove my kids to school! :)

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@bythebay Oooh, good for you! There’s nothing like toasty buns on a cold morning, is there! LOL :-)

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My 12-string guitar and amp.

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Silly…...but an Ipod Nano. I can download “Coast to Coast”, “Red Ice” from Sweden and any other strange and interesting radio shows I find and can play them on boring car trips or extremely long plane trips. Absolutely the best purchase in a long time.

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