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Are there currently or, or is there talk of protesting union members in your state?

Asked by SpatzieLover (24591points) March 10th, 2011

The protesters are kicked out of the Wisconsin capital for the night. Now I see that Indiana has protesters at their capital

Are there union protesters at your capital? Is there talk that they are organizing to protest in your state soon?

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My state is a right to work state. There are not many union members protesting anything.

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I hope not.

With all of the coverage about the union violence, what they need to do is shift tactics I think.

We need, somehow, to remind people that we can talk about union reform, but we need to put the teachers at the forefront. Right now, people look at the teachers and see union.

What they need to see is their kids.

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I certainly hope so! Even though Nikki Haley wants to bust them up…

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There was a solidarity rally in my state’s capitol.

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I would love to see the Teamsters Union organize a boycott of Wisconsin.

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I currently have a bakers dozen of Wisconsin State Senators 130 miles to the West of me! With our newly re-elected bone head Dem Gev. I do not anticipte any of our Senators will feel the need for a sleepover up Noth.

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I currently live right outside DC where they have already been protests.

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@marinelife Are there union protests currently due to the protests in IN & Wi?

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I love in TN I doubt there are many unions here. Haven’t heard of any protests, but I might be uniformed I was traveling recently and am not all up on my local news.

Unions and management and owners all need some sort of shake up. People suck on all levels in my opinion. Tensions are high.

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@JLeslie I pretty much agree: Unions and management and owners all need some sort of shake up. People suck on all levels in my opinion. Tensions are high.

But here in Wis things are bad. We really needed some high power mediation to get both sides talking and acting appropriately.

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@SpatzieLover you know, the whole union thing was so confusing to me when I was younger. Even as late as my 20’s, working as a manager in retail, I could not see how it cold be management vs. Labor, when we managers were employees too. I am all for labor having a voice and fair shake, and fair pay. My idealic world is owners care about paying a fair wage and treating employees as they would want to be treated themselves, and have no need for a union. The unions take on a life of their own, and the people who run them are their own type of management, wanting to perserve their own jobs.

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I’m not sure of it’s current capacity, but I recently went by my state capital (Ohio) and the streets were full of parked charter busses and the building was surrounded by teachers. Ohio’s governor is proposing a bill that says teachers cannot be allowed to strike, so they’re getting it out of their system now before it’s illegal.

EDIT: I don’t know if my sarcasm was evident enough or not, I was being sarcastic, the bill is a horrible idea.

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No I am in solidly blue Massachusetts. With no right-wing Republican control here, there is no assualt on the middle class. We may be joining people elsewhere whose voting rights and rights to assemble are being taken away.

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@ETpro I sure hope everyone’s state joins in at some point. Be it through a march on the Nation’s capitol or a demonstration here in Wis

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@SpatzieLover We will have to. It isn’t just union rights. It is an all out assualt on the middle class. In state after state that is claiming a fiscal crisis requires they kill union rights and cut wages for workers, the Repuboicans gave more money away to businesses and wealthy taxpayers than they are taking back from workers. This is a transfer of wealth from the working class to corporations and their wealthy owners. And in 32 states, there are moves to make it more difficult for some voters to vote. In every single case, the demographics targeted generally vote for Democrats. They are trying to engineer a landscape where the only citizens allowed to vote vote for them, and they become the single party.

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@ETpro I had no idea that ID measure was being attempted in other states. Clearly I need to get back to reading more national news I was ill and took a couple weeks off from my online reading

I’m personally getting tired of the rhetoric. The Republicans keep talking about the unions as if they are a mere lobbying group. Unions are made up of real working class/middle class voters.

I’m concerned for what the ramifications of this bill will be here in WI for the next couple of weeks. They aren’t showing it nationally, but Milwaukeeans are up in arms. There have been protests downtown from the beginning of this.

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The firefighters in our state are protesting. It resulted in a panel to study the problem.

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