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Have you ever seen a cook or waiter/waitress tamper with a meal? (NSFW)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17400points) 1 month ago

I have lots of stories. I don’t want to get sued so I will leave it at that for now. Some are that bad.

I will mention the one from Subway in Jasper National Park, 20 years ago, before It moved. Drunk people who piss off the sandwich artist would get EXTRA hot sauce to the sub. The intoxicated man would vomit it up later after trying to consume.

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The best/worst one I’ve seen was while waiting for our meals at a drive in I watched a girl separate paper cups with her teeth! And I told her when she brought drinks that we would not accept that.

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I never have. Thankfully. Where I work I haven’t either. I would imagine they would get in some ssserrious trouble for messing around with food. We don’t have hot sauce, and we rarely put a lot of seasonings because of diets, so in the case of where I work tampering could lead to some serious issues potentially

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I worked at a KFC for 2½ years. I have spent a lot of time in restaurants since.
I have never seen food tampered with.
I have seen some awful things, though.

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Prepare to get sick!!!

I was 17-ish and it was the second time I had done LSD. I spent three hours (my gf had way more drug experiance than I and was spreadsheating my oddness that night) in the bathroom trying to figure out if the roll of toilet paper had been dropped in the toilet. It looked wet but felt dry. 25 years later and I still don’t know the answer. I love LSD.. Ant races if you get my drift.

But that is irrelevant. My buddy was a manager and had keys to a Carls JR. So we went in there at 4am tripping balls and had a food fight with all the stuff in the freezer. Spicy chicken for 99 cents getting all over the floor. Since we were on lsd and not cocaine we tried out best to make it look like we were never there. People ate floor food. Don’t pay your employees the legal minimum.

The theater. I was making 4.25 a hour and my rent was 200 a month. And I needed to eat.
I had to steal to keep my lifestyle going. And by lifstle I mean food and heat and rent.

How to steal if you own the entire stack at a theater:

So three layers are needed here.

1. The person selling tickets (box). The job is simple.. Just shut up. Two and three do the work. Enjoy your cut for doing nothing with minimal risk.

2. The Usher (I was always the usher). This worked best on busy nights. This was also in Eugene. A town that was mostly college kids. We had lines 400 long at the box office. Our insane volume made this possible. And poor college kids that liked to roll the dice for a deal.

- I would roll out in my impressive vest and bow-tie (part of our job was croud control.. this nerd is shockingly good at being a dictaor). There is a group of college students that are together. 20 of them. I bet they will just have one person buy the tickets. So there will be a stupid wannabe alpha frat boy. Find a female. They are easier to deal with. I can give you 20 legit ticket stubs for 60 in cash. Bosch.

3. The door person tears tickets. It is a horrible job. You stand in the same place crying for your entire shift. So tickets have two parts. The top part and the bottom. The bottom part has a black box on it. So the door person would tear the ticket upside-down and pass off the legit part to me selling the goods.

Everyone gets a cut and we get closer to paying rent.

Still broke and it would be cool to get beer money too.

So you drop your wallets and purses. We stole these and took out the cash and put them in the compator to destroy the evidence. Don’t pay your employees the legal minimum.

But by far the worst thing we did and the thing that made us the most money. A couple hundred on a slow monday morning. It is amazing managment didn’t notice.

I was the worst thief voiloting health codes all over the place.

So I would clean theaters. You just left your popcorn bucket on the floor. I would gather the bucket and wipe it out. Then I would give it to the concessionist. Then they would “sell” it. But not actually ring it up. And when you would walk away we pocket the cash.

I wouldn’t be all that surprised if buckets of popcorn went through 5+ people. Don’t pay your employees the legal minimum.

And there is a secret theater thing about popcorn seeds. We got big 50 pound bags of them and had to pour them in buckets that would eventually go into your mouth. Sooo.. I we used to take off our shoes and socks and walk on your popcorn seeds after work. It seriosly feels so good.

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I worked at a McDs. the machines and grill were always kept clean and food was always made correctly.
We might “tamper” a bit by putting an extra piece of cheese on your filet-o-fish if we were friends.

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@johnpowell Thanks for sharing! Bleeech!!!

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I have never seen any tampering in a restaurant. But I did see grocery clerks bowling with frozen turkeys!

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I worked in restaurants for 8 years and never saw any food tampering.

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I worked at a movie theater for all my years of college. The only gross thing I can tell you is that the hot dogs that weren’t sold got put in a tupperware full of water and used again the next day.

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One of the guys I went to college with got a job as a manager of a popular chain restaurant. He said he went into the kitchen to try to speed things up and he took a tray of rolls out of the oven and dropped them on the floor. He said he picked them up off the floor and put them in the basket, and took them out to a table. A customer at the table told him that she was looking through the window in the kitchen door and she saw him pick the rolls up and put them in the basket. He denied it. She said “yes, I saw you do it.” He told her “I’m really tired right now but I don’t think I did that.”

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