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Easiest way to create a title block in AutoCAD 2011 for an existing drawing?

Asked by CaseyWVU10 (550points) March 13th, 2011

I am at my wits end…my boss just submitted AutoCAD drafts to me from an architect whose plans are so confusing. I have not followed these drafts from stage one as I have in the past with my own AutoCAD documents. I simply need to create four scaled AutoCAD drafts with title blocks on an 8.5×11 sheet of paper. I was wondering if there were any skilled AutoCAD jellies that could give me a easy fix for creating a title block and inserting a scaled drawing in said title block. Any help you could give me could mean my first child will be named after you :)) -signed, frustrated and tired designer

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I use AutoCAD at work, but old version (2006). I don’t know if any new feature is added for your requirements.

As far as I have understood, I would draw a rectangle. Click on rectangle button or type it in command prompt; click inside drawing, specify length & width from command prompt. Move either this rectangle or the drawing as you desire. Moving this rectangle would be easier.

Then, for title, create a (multi) text box, type in the title, format it as you want.

Then, go to print; specify the paper size on which you want to take print, say A4 or A3 or custom. Take print.

Also, you can create pdf file from AutoCAD drawing, so that anyone without AutoCAD may view it. Or simply, you may zoom all & take a snapshot (print screen) & then crop it, in powerpoint say, and send to whom you want. However, it won’t capture very details.

Hope, this helps.

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