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Do all kittens and cats roll over when you approach them?

Asked by Aster (18980points) March 13th, 2011

There’s a new Friskies commercial with the most adorable, long-haired little white kitten. This lady walks up to her and she flips over
to get her tummy rubbed. I wanted that kitten !! Is this what they do when approached?

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Only if it’s someone they trust, and if they want lovin’. Wary cats might run away when approached, or sink low to the ground with their ears back.

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I’ve had some that would do that, but it was totally a trap. Succumb to the temptation to wuzzle that soft belly fur and you’d find your hand instantly ensnared in the shred-0-matic.

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Sometimes cats roll over to show that they’re defeated and they give up in a fight. But some kitties do roll over to get their tummy rubbed too. It just depends on the situation.

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Mine do quite often.

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It’s training. @thorninmud I have one like that too!!

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