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What are some starches without refined sugars?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) April 17th, 2008

My fiance doesn’t think dinner is dinner without some sort of starch—what are some out there that aren’t full of sugar?

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I’m not following what you are asking. Isn’t stach a sugar derivative? Gotta go read wiki brb.

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What’s wrong with potatoes, rice, whole grain pasta or bread (if you really hate the “normal” stuff), squash, beans or peas, or couscous?

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Supergrl. Tell us more. What does he like that you want to reduce the sugar content of?

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He’s probably thinking of more of the lesser complex carbs like potatoes, rice and bread, which do convert fairly quickly into sugar. You’re talking complex carbs, which are more along the lines of vegetables.

Your best bets are more whole grains, wild rice, brown rice, barley.

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anything without sugar added… potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, pasta, peas, corn, quinoa, whole grain bread

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Beans, lentils, legumes. All have the right kind of glycemic index (low) and raise your blood glucose more slowly and to a less dramatic peak than higher GI foods.

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I mentioned barley, seriously, check it out, it’s apparently the new superfood. It even made Psychology Today. It’s not just for soups, although recipes can be hard to come by, you’ll need to get a bit creative with it. Even my husband likes it.

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Missa (the registered dietician) says:

“Any complex carbohydrate, so whole grains like cooked barley, quinoa, bulgar, wild rice. Any grain that if you plant it into the ground it will grow a new seed is a whole grain.”

oh wait, what everyone else said.

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Let’s not forget yams, sweet potatoes, garbanzo beans, buckwheat noodles, plantain, and all those squashes.

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