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Do guys do the same thing as girls when they like someone?

Asked by chelle21689 (7648points) March 13th, 2011

Do they constantly talk about a girl they like to their friends, think about them, look at their Facebook, get butterflies?

I hear with most guys they tend to have an easier time pushing it in the back of their head…haha

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I did get kind of obsessed over a particular girl or woman when I was at that stage in my life.

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Can’t speak for noone but myself, but I never done that. Even when I got engaged some time ago, many, upon hearing of the announcement, were surprised and had no idea I was dating the same gal for like three years.

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Some guys probably do.
I’ve been obsessively in love like that. Though I didn’t talk about it to anyone. Also, I was eleven years old at the time and ridiculously shy.

In general men aren’t as open about their non-superficial feelings to their friends. We’re not expected to be, so it’s awkward when we are, so we’re not.

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Of course not! Women are the drama queens…lol Men are easy, they love what they love….no one to impress, no talk around the town….no sneaking around to show emotions to face book, etc. They are true to them selves. accept them and honor them just as they are, and if you know what’s good for you, do the same! Enjoy a love not neccesary of someone els’es approval or validation.

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One difference worth mentioning is, we tend to sport an erection :¬)

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It’s probably not as common. I know I wouldn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t feel the same butterflies, excitement and thoughts about them like I do. Some men do hide those kinds of feelings, but as long as those feelings are actually there, it isn’t a huge problem.

I sure hope a girl isn’t just “pushed” into the back of a guys head, and then reappear when the guy wants to have sex…recipe for disaster would be an understatement.

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There have been three or four times in my life when I have been like that. Only twice did I talk about it with other people; the other times I kept it very private.

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I think they probably talk more after they start seeing someone, as they seek validation that the potential mate is desirable (which loosely implies reproductive suitability). To explain what @ucme is saying a little better, guys will tend to physiologically prepare to ejaculate into a potential new partner.

Anyway, those things are relatively superficial. Selection criteria between men and women probably…aren’t so similar. I’m sure they look them up on facebook (why not, these days?), but that doesn’t mean they’re looking for the exact same things. @ilana is right too that men probably tend to be a bit more secretive, or at least employ selective disclosure, when it comes to sexual matters.

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I remember the butterflies, the increased heart rate the sweaty hands, the fear of rejection…….. Once you get past that it’s pretty easy going… :-/
I was about thirteen when I got past it.. we never had facebook back then, we would just meet up on the corner of our street after tea time, about five o’clock & flirt :-/

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