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What is worthwhile to copy over and over?

Asked by MetroGnome217 (311points) March 13th, 2011

I am looking to improve my handwriting. To do this, I am going to practice copying large amounts of text daily. Any recommendations to what I should copy that may be useful later? (PS I am a student)

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The ABC – caps and lower case…

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Copy things it would be cool to know from memory.
The Declaration of Independence.
Hamlet’s soliloquy.
The Second Coming
Etc. Etc.

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@josie Agreed. I’d copy things of interest to you.

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I second that: always good to do things that interest you. ~

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@seazen_ and @josie
I have thought about it and I really cant come up with anything, what would you do?
I am a musician, student and a runner

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You saw my suggestions. Those are the ones I would work on. If you are a student, you can’t lose on any of them. Especially Yeats.

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Sorry, I meant to write @stardust
My apologizes. They were good suggestions!

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If you can find any John Skelton likeThe Tuning of Eleanor Rummyng which is one of the most lively and funny pieces I have ever read. Go for Shakespear too.

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Everyone’s a student of something. Running? Hmmm. Musician has potential; google music plus something and start copying the wiki entry that comes up. Or anything by Lennon.

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Go to the lyrics section of Youtube and locate your favorite songs.

Begin writing the words to these songs.

You will have a double benefit from this: improved handwriting and the next time you hear this song, you can sing-a-long with it, since you now know the lyrics(words).

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@john65pennington Very, very correct.

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You can also copy recipes from online or from cookbooks.

Chapters from a favorite book.

Or start writing your life story, which is not exactly copying the same thing over and over, but it will still give you good practice writing.

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A simple sentence that has every letter of the alphabet:

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

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The bible. Pretty interesting stuff.

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You could also re-copy notes from classes which may have the added benefit of helping you study.

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I like @optimisticpessimist‘s suggestion – I find that rewriting things is the best way for me to study.

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Why not write letters to relatives and friends? Even if you don’t mail the, it would be a good way to practice your pensmanship and exercise your communication skills at the same time.

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@MetroGnome217 What are you studying? Seems like th perfect opportunity to get some extra study in.
Do you do covers or do you write your own lyrics? If you do covers, you could learn some lyrics.

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Prayers, of your own natural preference of course.
You can make a beautiful groove in your being and your handwriting might improve too.
@josie I like that list too those are inspirational.

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