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Have any of you jellies actually read about jellyfish?

Asked by Ladymia69 (6881points) March 13th, 2011

They are incredibly interesting creatures. If anyone has any good links to shows or articles on these creatures, I would be very appreciative.

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Not really. But I’ll know all I need to once someone makes an eco horror movie about them, if it hasn’t been done already, and hasn’t been lost in the seventies.

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Not much,but I have been stung by them before.

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Here are some interesting photos and info from BBC Earth News. I love these pics.

And this article, Jellyfish cells used to diagnose hard to find cancers from Aol Health.

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If thou wishes an interesting link then thou shalt checketh this out. I created this jelly to keepeth Me company through eternity.

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@coffeenut If THAT’S the best scene then this is totally a b movie lol.
I’m there, dude. I love how that doctor guy’s all like, yeah man, whatever, let’s get on with it lol. Thank you. :)

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@Symbeline….not the best scene.. first one I found

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Nah, but I seen some on spongebob one time….gormless neanderthal type laughter ensues.

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@The_Lord_thy_God, you don’t fool me any. i know you’re not the one and only because no matter what he does, he never messes up the grammar of his thees and thous or the endings of his archaic verb forms.

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