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Do jellyfish ever sting themselves or each other by accident?

Asked by HungryGuy (16039points) February 5th, 2010

Well, do they?

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I think they are immune to the sting…or else they would sting themselves.

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The interesting question that arises from this is that do Jellyfish sting each other. There are no solid answers to this question. The reason being that this type of behaviour is not seen in them. There are some larger Jellyfish that prey on smaller ones, these may sting the smaller ones, but generally they are not turn on each other. A number of Jellyfishes travel in schools and hence it is safe to say that they do not sting each other.

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Absolutely. There’s been times I’ve posted something that has come back to sting me.

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Yes, but I do think we usually apologize afterward.

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Is this some kinda metaphor for this site or something? XD

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I’ve stung and I’ve been stung and I’ve survived.

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Gee, @Symbeline, ya’ think so?

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They probably do but I’ve seen a couple of Jellyfish that have stung others on purpose too and that’s just wrong.

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