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Can't remember my childhood game?

Asked by XYZZYtja (233points) March 14th, 2011

So, I played this game with my two brothers, it was viewed from the top… And everybody had these “Cars” which would leave tracks behind them, when somebody else came in to your track, you lost… Untill there was only one left. I remember when you also hit the sides of a map there would be a hole at the side… And then I would hit the side, and my brother after that at the same spot… We always thought there was something else behind the sides. But we never made it… If someone did this too… And remember the game… Please tell me, because it would be awesome to play that game again with my brothers, just for old habbits.

Also everybody has his own color, and after a while playing the whole map would be filled with tracks we originally made… So it would get harder and harder not to hit a track…

It was a nice basic game… Also the second player used the 2, 4, 6 and 8 on the right of the keyboad… You would also always move with 90 degrees… Hopes this explains the game some more… The first player just played with the up/left/right/down buttons.


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Sounds like one of the many variations of the game “Surround.” And, since the movie Tron came out, “Lightcycles.”

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This actually sounds to me like the lightcycle mini-game in the old Tron arcade game. Perhaps there was a PC version? Certainly I fondly remember playing it at the arcade.
If you are interested in a newfangled 3D version, check out Armagetron.

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