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What is that game called?

Asked by kevinchai (31points) July 30th, 2008

At a pizza place in my hometown, they used to have this sweet arcade game. It was a fantasy-style side-scrollingplatformer hack-n-slash deal with sweet graphics and I believe up to four players. I believe it had the word “Sword” in the title, but I don’t really remember, and I think it was set up that you would go further and further up a tower or something. Me and my brother played that game all the friggin’ time. Now it’s not there, and I want to play it again! Can anyone bring up some names so I can look up screenshots and get some MAME roms?

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Or even more likely: Magic Sword? My bet is on this one.

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OMFG That might be it! I’ll have to play it to be sure. Also, I still think it was 4-player, but really it’s all just a blur.

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Was one of the players a valkerie? If so, I used to play that with three friends at a pizza parlor in Campbell, CA…but I think that was 1987 and I wouldn’t call the graphics “sweet.” So we’re probably not talking about the same thing. But it makes me wonder what that games was called….nevermind.

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You’re probably thinking of Gauntlet. The graphics were sweet in the SNES era.

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Yes. Gauntlet. I love you for saving me from thinking about that all night long.

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It’s Magic Sword. I was probably thinking it was 4-players because you have a little buddy following you. F YEAH

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Gauntlet was top-down. I think you’re looking for Golden Axe, but that only has three players

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What I can offer:

Gauntlet was four player, top-down… Gauntlet Legends was four player in 3D.

Golden Axe was side-scrolling, 2D for 3 Players.

Magic Sword – Heroic Fantasy was sidescrolling, 2D for 2 Players.

Dungeon Magic was isometric 2D for 2 Players.

Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow over Mystara was Sidescrolling, 2D for 2 Players, however…

Dungeons and Dragons: Tower of Doom was for Four Players… and is likely the game you were thinking of.

Also, for MAME games… I’ve got a neat membership over at Emuasylum. I could nab whatever you like and Rapidshare it or something.

NOTE: If it’s also similar to your tastes, I’d recommend Knights of the Round. Badass game, but I believe it was for 2 players

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Golden Axe was AWESOME.

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