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Anyone noticed the new "thank...." button under replies?

Asked by bunnygrl (7152points) March 14th, 2011

I noticed it in my question here under each reply there are the normal GA and flag buttons and then a “Thank….” button too. I can’t remember ever seeing this before, although it might be because I haven’t posted many questions (two actually, although I’ve answered loads), maybe it’s only visable on your own question? just curious….

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I’m pretty sure it’s always been there but only for the questions you, yourself, ask.

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It’s a feature that was added in the past year, I think. It allows the poster of a question send a personal note to an answerer that includes a link to the original question. It’s a nice feature, as it saves the extra steps of cutting and pasting the link to the question.

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I’ve been here for almost 2 years, and it’s been here the whole time.

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Been there quite a while, I believe.

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Been there ever since i’ve frequented this joint. I remember being a noob, I thought every answer had to be sent thanks in this way. We’d be on for bloody hours! I see GA’s as a form of thanks anyway, far less time consuming :¬)

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@bunnygrl yes that button is only visible on any question you ask in case you want to personally thank a person for their answer or comment on the answer they gave. Pushing that button will take you to that particular Jellie’s PM box. You have a very impressive lurve score for only having asked 3 questions.

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aah!! I think I get it now. Thank you honeys <hugs fellow jellies> and I’m assuming that the “thank….” button isn’t appearing on this question because it’s in meta? I feel a bit daft now…. well dafter than I usually do anyway :-)

@ucme I’ve always thought that using the GA button is a nice way of saying thank you too

@AmWiser I’ve replied to nearly 1000 questions though lol :-) I’ve had lots of questions I’d have liked to have posted, but I always stop and then get worried that it’s a silly question or I’ll look stupid etc.

huggles honeys and thank you all for helping, even though this was obviously a daft question, even though I didn’t know it at the time (honest)
<throws mountains of hugs> xx

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I hope this little contretemps doesn’t prevent you from asking more questions, though.

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@bunnygrl I give you lurve because you give out more hugs than any other Jelly I know. Keep ‘em coming!

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@WasCy I’ll try to ask a bit more, instead of just answering questions <hugs> xx

@janbb sending lurve right back at you honey <throws mountains of hugs…... giggles and throws some more> I’m a bit of a huggy monster to be sure :-)

huggles honeys <hugs fellow jellies very tightly> xx

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What @Simone_De_Beauvoir said is correct.

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<hugs @seazen_ > thank you honey. I do feel slightly silly for not knowing the answer to this now, it seems so obvious when its explained.
hugglys xx

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@bunnygrl I used to see it but after reading your question I looked, and it is not there anymore.

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@bunnygrl please ignore my answer above.
The answer is it has been there for as long as I can remember.

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Hugs xx @bunnygrl to you too.

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