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In desperate need of help for this decision about lenses?

Asked by t3qn0loqiiic (57points) March 15th, 2011

So, I’m merely 15 years old, and wear {ugly} (.) glasses and I want to get rid of them and wear lenses instead.
Good idea? or not?
I’m REALLY sick of glasses, have been wearing them for years now.
So good idea?
If so; what if I want to put eyeliner on the waterline .. good idea while wearing lenses?
I really DO NOT know what to do.
Lenses or wait for laser operation?
All help appreciated :)

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I wouldn’t get an operation at 15; my son did at 24 and was very happy with it. (Think your eyes might change too much,) If you can afford them and hate wearing glasses, why not try contacts if they are appropriate for your vision needs?

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No laser
Talk to your optomotrist.

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And on by the way, I don’t think lenses affect how where you can put on eye makeup.

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Until you stop growing, surgery should be the last option. Even if it is done right, they will probably have to do it again in a few years. A change in style of glasses can help with how they look.

Or as mentioned by @janbb look into contact lenses.

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I’ve worn contact lenses on and off across a few decades. The current options are wonderful—multifocal, extended wear, etc. Your eye doctor should be willing to work with you over a period of time to find just the right solution for you. There truly is no harm in trying.

Yes, you can wear eye makeup; and one mistake I’ve made with my extended wear lenses is that I’ll literally forget I’m wearing them (yes, they’re that comfortable), and I’ve lost one or two when I remove my eye makeup (by splashing too mush water into my eyes or rubbing my eyes too vigorously).

If you’re into such a thing, you can even enhance or change your eye color with the lenses. Have fun!

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Contacts are fairly easy these days. I would steer clear of laser surgery until you are at least in your mid-20s as your eyes tend to change quite a bit as you mature.

Frankly, I don’t think glasses are ugly at all, and they do have advantages over contacts. In fact, I wore contacts for years and have switched back for a number of reasons. For example, if you enjoy outdoor activities it’s a heck of a lot easier to stick on a pair of glasses than to have to deal with removing or inserting lenses under less than sanitary conditions. Plus, even if you do wear contacts, you will still need to keep a back up pair of glasses on hand just in case.

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Oh, regarding glasses. These guys are great!

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IF you hate your glasses then contact lenses are certainly a great option.

Your eye Dr will be able to determine what is best for you in the wearing and fitting side of things.

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I agree too young for surgery. I actually prefer people who wear glasses rather than contacts, but I see no reason why you cannot do both? You have glasses now, next get some contacts, and you can alternate. Days your eyes feel very dry, or you want to give them a rest you can opt for your glasses.

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There are a lot of great styles of glasses out there! Bayonetta certainly doesn’t think they’re ugly. They’re also cheaper and easier to maintain than contact lenses. Maybe you just need a change of style to something a little more new and fashionable. You can also check YouTube for makeup tutorials geared specifically to glasses-wearers. Michelle Phan has some good ones.

If you’re dead set against glasses, be prepared to spend about $300, including the tests and everything. Talk to your optometrist about it; they can give you more information.

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Contacts are good for many people but me, personally, I can’t wear them. They dry out my eyes too much and I can’t stand it. Maybe you could just get frames that aren’t ugly? I love wearing glasses.

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If by waterline you mean the area by your lashes that is closest to your eye, I don’t think it’s safe for soft lenses. They will absorb material if some goes into your eye, hairspray being one of the worst. Also, you don’t see makeup artists doing this unless it’s for the stage, do you? I don’t truly know but I don’t like that look. I think it makes eyes look smaller.

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Contact lenses are safe, as long as you follow the hygiene rules, and are good candidate. That’s something that your Optometrist will determine by testing your TBUT (Tear Break Up Time), checking your corneal health and asking you some questions about your lifestyle.

Daily disposable contact lenses are excellent from a hygiene standpoint; you don’t reuse them, which means no messy solutions or bacteria-laden cases. They can be a bit more expensive than fortnightly or monthly replacement lenses, so if you’d like to keep costs down, it might be best to consider them if you think you might only like to wear them a few days a week, instead of 6. Discuss this with your Optometrist to see what option is best for you.

Most Optometrists will recommend that you give your eyes a ‘break’ one day a week and wear your glasses. Sundays for a lot of people are a good day, if it’s a day where you’re the least active, or less inclined to be self-conscious about wearing specs.

I’m an Optician by trade (though no longer work in a dispensary), and have seen my fair share of hideous and traumatic eye injuries and infections because the contact lens wearer was too relaxed about hygiene. This is truly the most important part of wearing them. For most people who wind up with injuries or infections due to overwear, or wear-abuse (such as leaving them in tap water, not cleaning them correctly, not washing your hands before handling the lenses, wearing them for 20 hours a day/7 days a week, sleeping in lenses not designed for that, all the time, etc) find that after the infection or injury heals, they can no longer wear contacts ever again. Not kidding, either. Their eyes become so sensitive to foreign objects that it is actually painful to put them in, let alone leave them in.

They’re fantastic for sport, under masks, goggles and helmets, and can be quite comfortable if you have the proper fit (which is determined by measuring your cornea, and this is done by your Optometrist).

I hope you find the answer that’s right for you. :)

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@Meredith Great answer!

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go for the lenses. really. they are easy to use, AND, you actually see everything clearly. i often forget i have them on, it feels so natural. i use eyeliner and mascara even while having lenses on, and if you are afraid, i’ve seen special make-up that had: ‘suitable while wearing eye contacts’ written on.
On the other hand, daily lenses can get to be a quite expensive business and the other types need more care, e.g. daily cleaning and regular changing of case. You have to have clean hands and it took me a while to get used to putting them on. Some of my friends also found that only certain types of lenses suited their eye- others were irritating. I, luckily, do not seem to have that problem.
there is a femtosec laser operation which is supposed to make the eye heal faster after the operation and you do not even have to be 18 to get the operation done (even though it is advisable to wait).
be beautiful, with or without glasses :)

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