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Birthday gift?

Asked by babygalll (2748points) April 17th, 2008

What can I get a friend who has everything? Her birthday is coming up and I can’t think of anything to get her. Any ideas?

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gift certificates or candy.

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Give her a phone book (yellowpages) so she can call someone who cares….ha….that happened to someone I know but it was a gift from her mom LOL

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a painting.

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Go to a store like Sur la table or Williams-Sonoma, find some really sleek stemware, maybe stemless and grab a bottle of wine you two can share.


An olive tree. It takes the idea of a plant-gift up a notch.

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I would need more info to really answer your question. About how old is your friend and what are some of her interests?

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perhaps you should bake her a cake or something….

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If you both value the friendhip, perhaps an experience you both can share? The spa day could be really fun, esp. Going together..(just pulled that one from my notes on what wifey likes)

…or else if you both enjoy the arts, attending an exhibition or performance is also a solid recommendation…basically, go do something to create a new shared memory of your friendship.

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i was going to say a pedicure or a massage but delirum beat me to it by suggesting spa day. also if shes not into that stuff you could take her out to lunch and shopping maybe. If shes the crafty kind you could take her to a ceramics place where you get to paint your own things and they bake the design onto them. You could inturn, if you are crafty, sew her something, like a bag or some pants, or you could paint her a picture. All this also depends on how close you are to her too.

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Something for her home? Or if there is something that she has always loved that you have, maybe get her that?

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an old Kung Fu movie they cost like a dollar at walmart

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make her a meal.

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