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In the song "Like a G6" what is a G6?

Asked by Sunshine1245_1190 (144points) March 22nd, 2011

Please don’t be mean.

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Slang for the Gulfstream G650, a twin-engine jet airplane manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace.

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The Gulfstream 6 is a luxury jet.

So you’re feeling “fly” like a jet. Punny.

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I don’t know for sure, but when I heard that song I thought of a Pontiac G6. Why anyone would use that as an exemplar of “fly” I don’t know- so I’m probably wrong.

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@tigerlily16 is correct The jet is called a G-650, ($60,000,000) its like calling a F-350 a F-3. I don’t think they really know what they are talking about at all.

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@SeaTurtle Perhaps “dey be actin like they drunk”.

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@dverhey , True. ‘Dey sure are singin like dey drunk”

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According to some sites i`ve seen around (I`ve researched this before lol), the main chick who sings the chorus agrees that its referring to a G6 pilot, which if I recall correctly is a high ranking pilot that pilots those fast war jets in the US military. so basically, the `fly` G6 is that super educated, ray-ban wearing, G6 pilot.

Going a bit off topic, to become a jet pilot in the military is one hell of an achievement, basically because you need to have a bachelors degree, then study another 4 or so years in the military, then pass a test to become part of a select few who will then COMPETE to become pilots.

Therefore, a G6 is pretty damn fly. I`ve had previous interests in joining the air force but, its been a while, so this information is not reliable.

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@robdamel , Very interesting. Is there any chance that you could find & post a link referring to a ‘G6’ ranked pilot please? I’m having no luck finding anything on google.

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Okay, I found the site I had initially seen a long time ago. According to this article, the pilot is G4, not G6. They changed it to G6 to rhyme.

Here is a quote:

…That doesn’t jive with the article from MTV when Far East Movement band member Kev Nish stated, “Drake talks about having G4 pilots on deck, so we said, ‘What’s flyer than a G4?’ Of course, it would be a G6.” Who’s Drake? Drake is a Canadian recording artist who sings a song entitled “Forever”. The song contains the lyric, “I know G4 pilots on a first name basis” apparently referring to the amount of time he spends traveling on airplanes. Thus the evolved term “G6”.

Here is the site I got the info from:

But yeah, the reference to a G6 apparently is to the airplane. i prefer imagining a fly G6 as a pilot than an airplane thoug. I always wanted to be a pilot :(

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Good work @robdamel . Thanks. Heres to your dreams bro.

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Airplane I didnt know to start off with but my bro told me.

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