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What will bounced check show on your bank statement?

Asked by alotofquestions (6points) March 24th, 2011

My old landlord wrote me a rental deposit refund check and I deposited it and got 100 dollars right away. And I didn’t think that there could be anything wrong with it so I spent some of that 100 dollars. Today when I checked my statement I am overdrawn for the amount I spent from the 100 dollars and the amount of the check became a debit on my statement. I am wondering if that means the check had bounced? I can’t make personal phone calls at work so I can’t call the bank right now but I really want to know what could have happened. If the check did bounce, am I going to be charged an overdraft fee?

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A plus for the amount, followed by a minus for the amount, [often] followed by an overdraft change.

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How much was the deposit check from the landlord that you deposited? I know that checks may take 3–5 days to clear, maybe even a week, before the full amount is available. I would recommend giving the bank a call on your lunchbreak and find out.

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@JasonsMom08 the check was 485 dollars. I don’t think it’s because it’s not cleared yet because the whole 485 dollar just became a debit entry on my statement. So there must be some reasons that they are not clearing the check.

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@anartist I am sorry I don’t quite understand you.

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@alotofquestions – I am wondering if the check maybe did not clear, or something else is up. Still, give your bank a call as soon as you can.

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@alotofquestions When you do call the bank see if they’ll take off the overdraft fee that you will almost certainly get. If the check did bounce (which it sounds like it did) they might take that NSF charge off for you.

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@mrentropy Thanks that’s good to know

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Yes, this means that the check you deposited was returned. You will probably be charged a “returned item” fee. The amount will depend on your bank. At my bank, it’s $10; where an NSF fee is $29. The whole check shows up as a debit because the whole check bounced. Ask the bank if they tried to re-deposit the item. However, I would be wary about having them do that if you think that the check might bounce again. See if you can get the item, or a copy of it and go to your landlord’s bank to cash it. They will probably charge you a fee, but at least you’ll know if the funds are there, and you’ll have cash for your deposit.

Also, see if you can get your landlord to pay you (CASH!) for the fee if your bank won’t refund it. It’s really his fault that the item bounced.

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@alotofquestions you have already seen two of the three—
1. a credit posted to your account for the amount of the check,
2. a debit posted to your account for the bounced check,
and you may or may not see
3. an overdraft [NSF] charge, or even
4. an additional service charge for processing the bounced check…
depends on how persuasive you can be with your bank.

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The only other possibility that comes to my mind, and I don’t know that this could happen, is that they were holding the money until the check cleared and you went ahead and wrote a check for a portion of the money.

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