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How long does it take an ipod to die?

Asked by caly420 (546points) April 18th, 2008

My ipod just froze and i tried pressing the menu and center key to reboot, but its not working :( The apple store told me to just wait and let the battery die down and then it should work, how long will that take?

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depends on your ipod and how long you’ve had it on. the battery on my ipod is shot and lasts about an hour, two hours tops… but my best friends ipod works for almost a week without being charged being used about 6 hours a day, i think.

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what kind of ipod do u have? if u hold menu and center, it should reboot no matter what, unless you have a hardware problem. are u just pressing the buttons or did u hold them? u gotta hold them for like 10 secs. just hold menu and center and wait for a bit and it should reboot.

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Follow bassis_king1’s instructions, they should work? If not, you have a hardware issue that requires Apple’s attention.

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i’m guessing that the ipod is out of warranty, otherwise apple would have replaced it. have you tried breaking it open and disconnecting the battery. it’s just a plug, not difficult at all. you can use a butter knife to get the device open.

i have an old gen4 ipod that routinely i have to break the case open, unplug and reseat the hard disk. it’s a pain, but it works.

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wow.. i wouldnt open it up just to reset it, cuz u void ur warrenty, and u risk messing something up.

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but if it is out of warranty, and already messed up what do you have to lose?

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i held the buttons and it wont restart, but it died down after 4 hours of being frozen and now workds perfect? weird.

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Strange stuff. Well, good luck.

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