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Why does Sarkozy fight beijing Olympic. ? how many countries do it like French?

Asked by stephen (351points) April 18th, 2008


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Because of the terrible situation regarding human rights in China. Here in the Netherlands, there is a lot of discussion about even a boycott by the sporters (OK, so we won’t really boycott it, but at least the discussion’s there), and, somewhat more realistically, a boycott of the ceremony.

Then again, I often hear on the news that this discussion is hardly present in other countries, with the exception perhaps of Sarkozy.

(I do wonder why the IOC decided to hold the games in China in the first place, as I’ve heard a representative say they had expected all this controversy…)

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@Vincentt, your point is the chinese disgraceful human rights? but thats not Sarkozy’s business! so i guess maybe theres some other political purpose!

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The idea is that powerful countries (France, UK, USA, etc.) kick up a fuss to pressure China into changing their Human Rights laws. They are hoping for a similar result as what happened with the USSR some years ago.

Universal pressure and shame = Change, apparently

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I like to do it like French.

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@stephen – if I see a man being beaten up in the street, then it’s none of my business. Still, I’d phone the police and perhaps, if I’d have the courage, step in to intervene.

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@vincentt, sounds like your a just guy,but Sarkozy is not just, i mean political relationships are totally different from this, i cant believe Sarkozy fights beijing Olympic game just because he want the chinese govs to change the terrible situation of disgraceful human rights!
but any way appreciate your answer!

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Why wouldn’t he? I mean, governments also signed the human rights declaration, the Kyoto protocol and whatnot? China is an emerging market and thus it’s about time they also take care for their people.

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