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How much asprin can I give to my 13lbs dog?

Asked by xjustxxclaudiax (1963points) March 25th, 2011

My dog got spayed yesterday and right now she looks like she’s in a lot of pain. I heard giving aspirin to a dog is ok…(is this true?) and if so how much can I give her?....She’s about 2 years old and weighs 13lbs.

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You need to call your vet and ask. Aspirin is a blood thinner. If given wrong it could cause her to hemorrhage. She is vulnerable after surgery.

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@xjustxxclaudiax I would normally recommend aspirin for a dog as a treatment ONLY during the last years of life, or when arthritis becomes unbearable.

For spaying, you need to call the vet and get a prescription for pain killers. They will cost a few bucks per pill but are necessary if your dog is in pain, so she can rest and heal properly.

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Let me add to the recommendation to call the vet. A lot of pain is unusual.

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Please honey NO asprin. They didn’t give you any pain meds after her surgery?? what kind of lousy vet is that?? Ours gives something called Metacam which is excellent, and not horrendiously expensive either. God love your poor wee angel, this is hellish being sent home without pain meds :-( Please call your vet honey, don’t let the poor darling suffer.
huggles xx

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@bunnygrl here where I reside the vets make it known that it’s a choice, but that they highly recommend it

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@SpatzieLover really honey? God I can’t imagine a wee angel being sent home after surgery without any pain meds. I would hope that the RSPCA as well as their (vets) governing body would be all over any vet who did that here, if it was reported that is. That wee lamb, how much pain must she be in?

@xjustxxclaudiax I meant to say that any kind of human medication shouldn’t be given to (especially) small dogs, you can cause such awful damage to their little organs, such as their liver or kidneys. Please please call your vet honey, please. I just can’t believe that a vet would do this :-(

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@bunnygrl Sadly, many pet owners want the cheapest possible vet bill. They often don’t care about pain pills. It’s perplexing. They will pay for a $150 surgery, then will say “FOUR DOLLARS per pill????That’s OUTRAGEOUS!” and will decline. Then, days later will have to take their animal back in for another visit (about $55–75) because the dog/cat has licked the incision or pulled it open due to the pain they were in. So, no time or money saved.

I wish their were vets that would refuse to do surgery without including the pain meds into the procedure, but the owners would go elsewhere… says the owner of a zillion pets that always asks for extra pain meds.

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They give us everything honey, all of their little hearts and souls and rely on us to keep them safe. It breaks my heart that anyone could do this to save a few pounds/dollars, and it also shows how hugely important insurance is. Pet insurance is mostly very cheap and so much better than huge vet bills. Your furbabies are really lucky honey, <hugs @SpatzieLover tightly> xx

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Aspirin – NONE. Aspirin is highly toxic for dogs. You must call the vet.

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Thanks you guys…she looks like she’s doing better anyways…I’m keeping a close eye on her..

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I payed for the metacam shot the day she got spayed but they never offered to sell me any pills, or else I wouldof… first I thought metacam were pain pills..but I guess I was wrong.

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@xjustxxclaudiax If she wakes up in pain tomorrow am, just give the vet a call.

For tonight, see if you can keep her cuddled on a blanket next to you. It can be difficult to keep dogs calm when they are healing.

Glad to know she got the shot. It helps, but not for as long as the pills do.


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It is generally a bad idea to give pharmaceuticals for humans to any other mammal. The same goes for herbs (such as garlic) and many other food items (such as chocolate, coffee or alcohol). Most pets have a different metabolism than humans.

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My chocolate lab
got fixed about 6 months ago. She was in a depressed like state, but didn’t touch her stitches once. I wonder did your vet send you home with a few extra pain pills because mine did, we used those and she did not need any after that. She does not even have a scar! Your dog is probably not in pain if they are in pain/uncomfortable they
a) won’t leave the site alone
b) whine, move around alot
c) all of the above
If your dog is not doing either but is kind of in a mopy or depressed like state, I think that means they are just indifferent about the change.
If your dog is doing a, b or c you should call your vet, the vet will know what to do. My vet did a courtesy call 24hrs later & a free check up 1 week later.

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Nah where I got my dog spayed they seemed like they didn’t even care (and it was a no kill shelter)...all they wanted was their money…..Seriously, like it became mandatory to get my dog license and fixed over night in my city (everyone in my city got a 30 day notice.) If I didn’t get her licensed in 30 days I would have to pay a fine. And if I didn’t get her fixed (which I really didn’t want to) the licensing would be a lot more expensive per year..
In my opinion, 30 days isn’t enough time to decide if I want my dog to have puppies in the future or not..but I also didn’t have enough money to not have her fixed….I hated the fact that it was pretty much a drop and go, I only said like 3 words to my vet before he took her away to get fixed…like I said…all they want is their money.

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