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How can I have more disk space on my computer ? How do I clean it up ?

Asked by Truth_and_Freedom (122points) March 26th, 2011

The disk space on my computer for (C:), has only 1.89GB of 137GB free…. So I barely have any space left.

How can I clear this up ?

Will Disk Deframenter create more space ?

Does anyone know how to deleted users from the computer also ? I created different user accounts, and I think some might still have files on them. I’m not sure where all my space went.


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Yes, run the disk defragmenter overnight. Also, download CCleaner and run that. It will free up a bit of space on your C drive as well. Another thing to do is go through your add/delete programs and uninstall anything you don’t use. Don’t just delete it, completely uninstall it. As for deleting users, you can do that from your control panel under User Accounts and Family Safety (or something similar, depending on what operating system you’re using).

If you do all of that and there still isn’t any room, you may need to consider buying more RAM and/or ROM for the computer. It’s not the cheapest thing in the world, but it’s pretty simple to install yourself. You may want to consider this either way considering 137GB on your C drive isn’t very much. My computer holds over 900GB.

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you may need to consider buying more RAM and/or ROM for the computer


No, a second hard drive would help with this. Not RAM.

I created different user accounts, and I think some might still have files on them.
Right-click ‘Computer’ or ‘My Computer
Choose Manage
Choose Local Users and Groups
Choose Users
Right-click a user, choose delete

I don’t think that deletes the user’s files. So after that open C:\Users in (Vista and Win 7) or C:/Documents and Settings (in Windows XP).

You will see a folder for each user. If you want to know if they are taking up space, right-click on a folder and choose Properties.

As @lbwhite89 wrote, delete any un-needed programs.

The two things that commonly eat up a lot of space are games and video.

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Defragging won’t help getting disk space back. All that does it put files files back together that were split by the filesystem. Once you get some space back I would suggest doing it but it wont help (and probably wont even run) until you free up some space.

Start deleting stuff or buy a external hard drive for music, movies, and pictures.

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My PC has a 500 gig hard drive. I bought a 1tb to back it up on half and the other half to copy files that i dont use as much. Consider doing the same.

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How can I get more disc space by using CCleaner ?

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@jaytkay I’m on computer manage but don’t see the local user or groups. Where is it ?

I’m on computer manage and all I see is – System tools, task scheduler, event viewer, shared folders, device manager, storage, disk management, etc

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Look in Documents and Settings from an Administrator position to see all the accounts and what they are using. Each account has a file folder.

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@Truth_and_Freedom Hmmmm, it may vary by edition. XP Home for example, might hide Users and Groups. I don’t have a copy and I can’t test it. You might have to Google around for that.

But going right for the User or Documents and Settings folders will free up space, whether you delete the users or not.

Careful though. Be very careful. Your own stuff might be labeled something like “Owner” or “DellUser” or something else and you don’t want to accidentally remove it.

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I’m trying to download a dvd and it says I need 11307 of megabytes , is this a lot of disk to delete ?

I’m uninstalling programs now and I got up to 6.54B free of 137GB, so I still have some deleting to do.

Does anyone know if 11307 megabytes is a lot to delete ??

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@Truth_and_Freedom 1000 megabytes is one gigabyte, so you need around 12 gigs of free space.

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@XOIIO – Is that a lot ? Will defragmenting take that space off ? Or should I just continue uninstalling programs ?

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I wish I could format the C: drive, but it says if I do my computer won’t work.

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As mentioned by @math_nerd, defragging will not free up space. It just moves stuff around.

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@Truth_and_Freedom Just as @jaytkay said.

Imaging you have a cluttered room, there is no space that you cans ee to put stuff. Defragging is like cleaning, there is the same amount of stuff, but it makes it easier to find a place to put it, and organizes the different things into areas.

Reformatting will completely wipe your hard drive, windows wont even be on it.

There are a couple things you can do, sign up at with a payed account, and you can upload files to their servers, then delete them off your computer, that will clear out the space, and you can download them later when you need them.

You can also go out and buy a 46 gigabyte flash drive, and copy as much stuff over to it as you can, then delete that stuff off of your hard drive. You can also do this is an external drive as I said before.

Yes, 12 gigs is a fair amount of space. Really, when your hard drive shows 20 gigs or less of space, you should get a bigger hard drive, or move stuff over. I currently have 85 gigs of free space on my HD, and it has never been below 20 gigs for more than a day.

You can get a 1 terabyte external drive for a little over 100 dollars, and is a good investment.

However, until then, since you can’t download anything, just watch it online with netfix, or go to, it’s a great site that has pretty much every movie available for download, or watching it online.

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If you’re a downloader, I would suggest that you delete some of your older files that you haven’t watched or listened to in a long time.

As already mentioned, defragging the hard drive won’t really help with this problem. I don’t even think you will be able to run the defrag program anyway – it needs about 20–30% free space on the drive to move files around.

Ccleaner will do a scan of your computer and pick up temp files and files the recycle bind that it can delete. It will make a good dent in the available space on your drive, but not enough . The best long-term solution is to get yourself a big second hard drive.

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Something sounds very wrong here.

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@anartist He’s downloading a file.

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