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Some matching tattoo ideas for sisters?

Asked by jdelselva (15points) March 26th, 2011

My sister and I are really close even though we are 5 years apart, and we are thinking of getting matching tattoos, but we aren’t sure what to get. I pretty much drive her everywhere she needs to go to (shes 15 and I’m 20) and I used to play volleyball and she does now, and she took up wearing my old jersey number 14. We also love to read the same books, like Harry Potter.

My problem is that I am not very imaginative, and can’t think of anything cool. If you have an idea on this that would be greatly appreciated.

And even though she’s 15 we probably won’t get it until she turns 16 and our mom takes her. So no need to question that.

Thank you. :]

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How about the number 14 and two wands touching each other? Something like the two wands on your stomach pointing directly upwards, connected at the tip and forming in some kind of magical dust he number 14? It could be like how the patronus is casted? Just an idea! :)

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Just on the nape of it? Very small! You might just want 14 on there but the 14 can be patterned like wands in Harry Potter? Or maybe a volleyball with the number 14 on it? :)

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Yeah I would say the nape. so small, but maybe get it a tad bigger. lol. Argh! This is a life decision.

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I like the idea of using 14. Maybe Roman numerals for it? I think that would be XIV.

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Do not get you neck tattooed. Possibly a bad idea, in terms of future employment. Pick some place discreet, like your ankle or upper arm.

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Matching tramo stamps? LOL jk, I saw that on a movie with the mother and daughter.

How about #1 and #2 according to the age, with some special logo? idk.

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My sister and I have the Japanese characters for older sister and younger sister. She was teaching ESL in Japan for a year and I spent a month with her there, so that’s our story.

I agree that you should get something that symbolizes your relationship; the number 14 is a cute idea. Personally, I’d shy away from a Harry Potter tattoo. I’m not a fan of stuff like that – it tends to look cheesy later on unless it’s very subtle (think of people with faded Tasmanian Devil or Tweety Bird tattoos).

I have my little sister tattoo on the back of my neck, but it’s pretty low – on the first big vertebra (if that makes sense). I can very easily cover it if I want to, depending on the neckline of my top. My sister has another small tattoo on the side of her neck, just by the hairline. She’s a high school teacher – it hasn’t affected her career at all.

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~ You could each get a rose bud tattooed on your breast. That way when you are in your 50s you can brag about your matching long stemmed roses on your chests.

Seriously, personally I think that tats are tacky. Also, you need to consider that tats are forever, and that’s a mighty long time. What you find cute and trendy when you are twenty will become that indelible ink blot you wish you could get rid of when you are in your 40s.

Here’s some great advice an ex sailor gave to my youngest son about tats. My son pointed to the tattoo on his arm and asked what it was. The man replied “a mistake”. He then went on to say: If you ever think about getting a tattoo, go out and buy yourself a really nice pair of socks, not just any socks, but the nicest pair of socks you have ever owned. Now, wear those socks every single day for the next year. If at the end of that year you still like those socks, then you are the kind of person that can handle a tattoo.

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I think I like the roman numeral idea. But I was thinking about it last night and I like the idea by the ankle. What my friend did before she got her tattoo was have the sketch taped in her room so she would see it constantly for 6 months and after the time was up and she wasn’t sick of it she would get it.

She ended up doing this about 3 times before she found the tattoo she wanted. :]

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In most states, the legal age for getting a tattoo is 18.
Whatever you get, make sure it is special to you both. It will be there forever.

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‘magic’ in Mandarin. Magic in terms of your imagination, love of HP, and sisterly- chemistry between :)

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