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Is this quote too long for a tattoo?

Asked by imgr8 (434points) March 17th, 2013

I’m not really interested in whether or not its a good quote, that’s been decided, but i’m worried it may be a bit long and any suggestions on design or placement are appreciated… Its only an idea right now not a plan. The quote is: “You can grow flowers from where dirt used to be.”

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Well, this is not the kind of input you asked for, but “from where” really hurts my brain. It doesn’t make any sense. There is no need for those two prepositions at the same time. All you need is “where.” (I just finished grading 80 essays and my brain is in editing mode.)

I haven’t seen that many text tattoos, but it does not sound like it would be too long. I think that a good spot would be on your upper back/across your shoulders. Another cool idea might be to put half of the text on the inside of one forearm, and the other half on the other forearm. The orientation depends on whether the text is meant for you or the world at large!

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@bookish1 It’s a song lyric. ;)

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I’m with @bookish1. It’s not too long to be a tattoo, just too stupid to be permanent.

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It just… doesn’t make sense…. ”Where do you grow your tomatoes?” ”From in my backyard.” That is the exact same usage of ‘from’ as in the song lyric… And it’s bad English in both cases.

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I know, but it’s a Catch-22… bad English or bad transcription. Waddayagonna do?

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How about just “You can grow flowers…” and leave the reader to complete the quote?

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Personally, I think a one letter word is too long. I hate tattoos.

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No, it’s not too long. But I don’t really get it, or see why it means so much to you that you’d want it on your body forever…?

But then again, someone I know got, “Who woulda thunk it?” with dates of her grandpa’s birth and death on her forearm because he used to say that all the time. Yeah, my mom says, “shitfucker!” a lot when she’s angry, but that won’t be on my arm after she dies.

To each their own.

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It isn’t too long. Hardly.

In such a case, what I would personally consider is if you care that people can read it or not as soon as they see it. If it’s important to you, it probably shouldn’t matter. It would of course, also depend on where you want to put it. You should probably decide that on your own, though.

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@glacial Waddayagonna do? How about choose something else so that neither bad English nor bad transcription needs to be part of the tattoo?

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@Patton How about respecting the OP’s request that we not judge her for the quote she chose? She evidently has personal reasons for chosing it that are none of our business.

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Reminds me of the quote, “There is a crack in everything, that is how the light gets in.” LC

As to placement you would have to consider job opportunities, clothes, pain, if you want to see it, if you want others to see it, how often you want others to see it. Also worth considering is what prompted the quote. For example I wanted an organic plant like phoenix on my right shoulder blade and down my back. I had wanted it prior too but was unsure of placement, but after I injured and healed that part of my body it made more sense to put it there. Also It could be covered.

I like the idea for dirt and feet or ankles.

Your feet are not just closest to the ground but you are grounded by them and can “plant” yourself with them.

The other benefit is they can be hidden for formal or business, or flashed for casual. Another perk is lack or warping due to weight gain. But given the amount of bone in that area very painful.

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I have a friend with an entire poem down her leg. So no, not too long. However, I wouldn’t dare have anything that grammatically incorrect etched into my skin.

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Just above the pubes…that would mean a mahoosive bush, too long then.

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@glacial Gee, you think maybe that’s why I direct my comment to you, someone who had already judged the quote, and did so in whisper text? Hypocrite.

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