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What's an effective, natural way to disslove dog crap?

Asked by nocountry2 (3684points) April 18th, 2008 from iPhone

We have an accumulation in the back yard from this winter, have gotten the chunks but how to dissolve the last bits?? Alge? Enzymes? Dung beetles?

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they have some sort of thing you put it in and it turns it into soil

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Mow it up, let the elements deal with it.

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The most natural way is to let Mother Nature break down the remaining bits or if you have lawn service they will be able to scoop up the remaining bits when they thatch your lawn.

Good Luck!

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get the kid to do it.

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I dug a pit and afixed a lid to fit over it so very it was pretty tight. The pit was about 3 feet deep and as big around as a garbage can. I dumped the doggie poo in it and cover it with the lid. When it became full I dug around the edges on top so the lid was below the surface, put the lid on and covered it with soil and re-seeded it. I have done this for years and when I investigated a ‘full’ pit after it had been covered for 3 or 4 yeras. The poo was essentially gone and it was soilish looking, but no smell.

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you’re actually worried about the tidbits?

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Well, we have all river rocks in the back, so the bits seep down and I’m petrified that as soon as it heats up it’s going to stink like hell….so I was hoping there was something to sprinkle around that would help dissolve it along more, you know?

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lime will neutralize any odor

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how about a blender or food processor. then use it on your rose garden.

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Lime like the citrus or the solvent? Is that environmentally friendly? We have lots of healthy roses and animals….

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lime like ground stone yes its friendly

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Yeah, I second the lime answer. I worked around horses and we put powdered lime on the dung piles. I know it reduces odor and keeps the flies away.

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Use it in your garden!

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