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Can Coke be a good cleaning liquid?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (15991points) January 22nd, 2017

Just want to know some truth behind a certain myth.

I know Coke isn’t even designed for human comsumption, but claiming that it can be used to clean things… just sounds a bit too suspicious to me. Google only showed me things like “10 practical use of Coke you don’t know”, not a single fact about how true it is. So can Coke be a cheap magical cleaning liquid you can use everywhere?

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I cleaned my cups with Coke once. They had some strange stains I could not get rid of even after washing it several times. Once, I sipped some Coke in one of them and forgot about it. When I drank it later, I noticed the cups were clean and shiny again.

So, yeah, Cola can clean, but it may refer only to ceramic cups, I’m not sure of it can clean anything else.

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I went with my friend Jessie in his parents car to visit my aunt about 180 miles away. After we left we drove about 30 miles and stopped for food at Carls JR. Shit, the car wouldn’t start. We were getting no power. Popped the hood and there was serious corrosion on the battery terminals.

Jessie is a very pretty man and talked someone in Carls to give him a wire brush they use to clean the grill. I went across the street to a 7/11 for a can of coke. Between the Coke and the brush we got the car to start back up.

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Yep, I use Coke, if I have it, to get burnt-on stuff off my Pyrex. Flat stuff works fine. I’m sure it’s the citric acid in it. Hot water and lemon juice work just as well.

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Coke is acidic, you are better off using distilled white vinegar which is one of the best, most economical cleaning agents available.

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I’m sure Coke does great things but to me, my definition of a “perfect cleaning liquid” means it doesn’t leave a sticky mess. Coke and any soda needs to be rinsed a zillion times. I had a soda spill on my bedside table once and it reminded me why I only drink diet. Even after lots of wiping with wet paper towels, I still found sticky spots.

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I too have heard many times of coke with baking soda on battery terminals. A can of coke is also the final step in a series of household applications for unclogging a drain. It goes pot of boiling water followed by 1cup of baking soda mixed with a cup of vinegar, then the can of coke followed by one more pot of boiling water.

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I have heard the coke is good at cleaning battery terminals on your car, but I prefer hot water and laundry soap because it is non-acidic. After the terminals have been cleaned, seal them with Karo corn syrup. (I’m not kidding!)

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Sure, Coke can be used to clean things, anything acidic can. But you’re better off using something that isn’t mostly sticky, sugary syrup. Try vinegar instead – very acidic and not sticky. Vinegar makes a wonderful general purpose solvent. Plus you can dip your fries in it.

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also works great on carburetors

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Thanks for your input. Just as I thought, Coke isn’t that magical fluid at all, though I’m surprised that it can actually do things to some degree.

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