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Anyone work for Apple?

Asked by eklamor (415points) April 18th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m looking around for a new job. And I know apple hires in there stores only part time to start. What is there starting pay? Any other companies anyone would recommend working for?

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Send mirza a private message. He works/worked at a Apple store.

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If you’re thinking of applying to a specific store, why not contact their manager and ask about opportunities and pay.

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Personally i used to get paid 18 dollars an hour as a part-time “mac genius” in a middle-sized apple store in new jersey. But the salary can fluctuate depending on what store you work at. For example the starting salary at the store in Soho is 25 dollars an hours. People with the Apple Genius Certification ( for which you need to go to their campus in cupertino) can make upto 50k a year

btw if you are applying remember to negotiate your pay – since they’ll offer you a very low wage at first ( i was offered $ 14 but i know that some of my co-workers got offered as low as $10)

lastly, i feel like i need to warn you about this: its not a fun job. It sounds all amazing working for a company you love and everything. But by the time you leave a job at apple, you will very very pissed of at apple and their management style.

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why do ppl call working at an apple store working at apple. Its not working at apple. Its really not much different than working at best buy except they only sell apple stuff.

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I was just curious. Geez

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