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What's your favorite way to cool off when the weather's hot?

Asked by loser (15027points) April 18th, 2008 from iPhone

I wanna be ready when summer hits!

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go to the beach! or a watergun fight is always fun, get all your friends together and just run and play like you 5 again! water balloons work too!

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When I was younger I used to run through the sprinklers, play in the pool, eat ice/ice cream/popsicles, squirt the hose at friends and let them squirt the hose at me. All that fun stuff you do when you’re a kid.

MrKnowItAll: Yay! (But I’d stay indoors while nakie.)

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I just remind myself I’m on holiday and don’t have to do anything…......except maybe roll off the sunlounger and in to the pool or sea.

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When it’s hot hot hot I like to get wet wet wet.

Slip and Slide, Water Willy, good ol’ hose, fire hydrant, rock jumping into anything deep enough, surfing, skim boarding, sprinklers, super soakers, inflatable pools, inflatable pools filled with cold beer and ice, ice cubes, ice creams, cold duck, bermuda shorts, flip flops, zories, no socks, beach parties, dancing in the street on a hot night, sneaking into fancy hotel pools….

Don’t get me started

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Ahh.. Slip n Slides!! I loved those!!

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i jump in shoal creek. i went spelunking one july the cave was nice and cool.

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I’m so coming to your BBQ/pool party…sounds like a riot!!

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It’s no joke. I’ll be bartending, making you some slammin’ mojitos.

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Where is this party? Was I purposely not invited? =\

Did I just make this an awkward moment? Like the person you don’t want to invite, but then word gets around, and you kind of have to invite them.. is that me? Did I make it more awkward by asking this?

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pshh, ill be crashing this part of course!

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make em with raspberries and its a deal!

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Haha, I’m telling you- Fluther party at Ocean Beach, SF this summer. Let’s be thinking of a date.

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Stripping, duh.

Best is stripping, lying on my back and setting an ice cube somewhere along the median of my body and reading until it melts… then doing it again.

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i cant afford to go all the way out to California, damn! ill send pictures to the designated area of me crashing another party in hopes it will remind you of what could have been!

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Heck yes! Ocean Beach, I’m like 1.5 hours away from Frisco. I am so down.

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I love warm weather…
Thin shirts, no shirts, short shorts, no shorts

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It would rock! Of course getting across the pond in my rubber dingy might take a while…

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Hurricane Harbor water park at six flags :)

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I like to put some ice cubes in a ziplock bag and stick it in my bra!

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I didn’t know babo was a girl babo.

Actually, I still don’t.

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jump in the pool
ice cream/ Popsicle
cold shower and them wear sports shorts and sit in the shade and lysten to good music

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ok, when you’re stuck at home with no AC and it’s crazy hot, either take a cold shower and lay in front of a fan, or have a spray bottle at hand to continually douse yourself

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creek water!

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When I was a kid we had a side by side freezr, I used to take out the shelves and climb in, then again, I lived in Florida.

Now, I have to resort to sticking my head in the freezer. I also freeze pillows and blankets. Mmmmm, ice pillow.

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